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Phoenix point release

If you like strategy games, the upcoming Phoenix Point is worth mentioning. Phoenix Point is an in-depth strategy game featuring turn-based tactics.

will be released in December 2019, and you may be wondering if you can run it on your PC. We will show you our current understanding of system requirements. The

story begins with the discovery of a virus in the melting permafrost. Although the scientific community is excited about this discovery, it does not bode well for the world. It causes changes in the oceans, and the land is invaded by airborne microbial fog and mutated aliens.

In 2047, the human population dropped sharply, and the remaining survivors were scattered in isolated paradise all over the world. Resources are controlled by a small number of factions, which have very different ideologies, triggering conflicts between them. The

Phoenix Project is an organization designed to activate when the world is in danger. It has the best soldiers, scientists and engineers in the world. As a player, you control a cell, but once you activate it, you realize that you are not connected to any other cells. You have to find out what happened to other people.

Gameplay provides you with a world map that allows you to discover and explore points of interest and interact with three human factions. You can decide which missions to perform, where you will control a team of soldiers to engage in tactical battles with mutant aliens. The goal of the

game is to fight alien forces and save mankind, while discovering what happened to the rest of the Phoenix Project.

If you want to upgrade your PC, the system requirements of this game will not break the bank. However, if you can push the pot and get a better system than the recommended requirements above, we always recommend that you choose the best system you can afford.

For this, we recommend that you check the mid-range PC and components, which should be enough for you to play this game in the best way. Since this game is a strategy game, it does not require the best computer in the world to run. But if you want to improve yourself, don't let this stop you. Everything you add to the system will help you reproduce the latest versions.

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