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This game was teased three years ago, and Julian Golops' latest work "Phoenix Point" looks very exciting. It shares a spirit with a very old game "UFO: Unknown Enemy" (often called XCOM). Snapshot Games is funding this project, and they have completed this work through a combination of early access pre-orders and crowdfunding.

Although there are still a few months away from the release, there is a lot of information about Phoenix. We collected some clips from the Internet in an attempt to appease the eagerly waiting consumers. These parts include the battle, the people you face in the game, and how it all works.

Phoenix Point was originally scheduled to be released in September of this year, but there is news that Snapshot Games will postpone the release to December. When it is finally released, it will be available through the Epic Play Store and the Microsoft Store.

Snapshot Games will release the DLC three months after its release. This DLC will include new missions, stories, and game elements. Game

is set in 2047 and humans are a bit of a problem. A different world virus found itself in the melted permafrost and began to destroy the world. Animals and humans are turning into evil mutants, everything is gone! For the lucky souls who managed to avoid the virus, they were thrown into a cruel world with few survivors.

Depending on your playing alliance, the game will have multiple endings. The way you treat the factions can also determine the ending you will experience. You can trade, help others, monitor others and exchange research results. As you navigate through the turn-based game, you will slowly discover the secret of the virus that destroys your planet.

You can travel around the world at Phoenix Point from the very beginning, investigating various question marks that appear on your map. Some of the locations you explore will belong to three different factions, and some will be independent.

has a fuel system to limit your travel on the ship. The map will show how far you can go before the fuel runs out, and you will find gas stations along the way.

Most of the tasks in this game are related to human factions, and you need to choose the combatant. These decisions will not only affect the outcome of the game, but also change your perception of the character. For example, negative perceptions may prevent useful actions from taking place.

Phoneix Point definitely sounds like an interesting and unique game. At WePC, we would love to know how it will work. But what about you? Will you buy it when the game launches? Which parts are you most looking forward to? Please let us know in the comments below!

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