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Phanteks eclipse p500 cases now available to order

Phanteks Enthoo 719 was originally called Enthoo Luxe 2, which supports dual system configurations. Phanteks changed the name of the case after receiving a letter from Thermaltake, stating that they thought it was too close to the "Luxa 2" mark. The Phanteks

are major players in the case-building game and they already have some great models in production. Phanteks has a protective case for all budgets, but the Enthoo 719 is closer to the top of the pile. This box is huge, and the first thing you notice is the huge hinged tempered glass door, which looks great.

The quality of the construction is clearly something that Phanteks should be proud of, with almost no negative effects. This is a niche case, because I don't see ordinary players will buy it, but for those who want to get a large case, Enthoo 719 is one of the best.

Let’s take a closer look at Phanteks Enthoo 719 Complete Tower

. The motherboard supports


Dimensions HXWXD

595 x 570 x 24


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motherboard supporting


Dimensions H x W x

595 X 570 X 240 mm

drive bay


support case, fan includes



Impressive build quality

Dual system support

Ample cable management space

Great value for money

Attractive design


May be too high for some desks

Phanteks Very good a few months ago We kindly sent us Enthoo 719, and it has always been one of the most interesting cases we have in the entire office. The boxes are delivered piece by piece and are intact during transportation, which is always a good start.

Inside we found the box and the accessory bag that came with it. Although considered a full budget tower, the Revolt X 1000W PSU and accompanying accessories are abundant, which really shows how much Phanteks cares.


Surprisingly, unlike the old Enthoo, the 719 is not equipped with any fans, so we added four PHF140MP high static pressure fans and four stylish Halo RGB frames. After unpacking

, we see that Phanteks Enthoo 719 is quite tall. We chose the gray model instead of the black model. As mentioned earlier, this is considered a cheap option for a tower of this size. In other words, the shell of PC 719 does not look cheap at all, and the front-to-back design is simple and elegant. The box consists of a steel chassis, aluminum plates and thick colored tempered glass windows. The

Enthoo 719 full-tower body is covered with some small details, making this case much higher than its price, and before we touched on the amazing features. Phanteks has successfully integrated RGB lighting in a complex way that other companies have dreamed of, adding a little flash to the inside and outside of the case.

Starting from the front, we see the large plastic panel that protects the magnetic dust cover underneath. The design is a bit low-key and you can see Phanteks trying to hide the front I / O ports, which are camouflaged by a small hinged door. Front-end I / O ports


Enthoo 719 provides some important fan support options for custom PC builders. At the front, we have enough space to accommodate 3 x 140mm fans and 4 x 120mm fans, which equates to the maximum radiator bracket size of 480mm. As mentioned above, there is a high quality magnetic dust filter and pre-cut drain for each water cooler. The back of the

On the back of the Enthoo 719, we can see the standard cutouts for the motherboard ports, expansion slots, and power supply, but there are a few extras here too. You get three vertical expansion slots for system one and system two. The main point of discussion at the back is the space at the bottom of the auxiliary system. The

cabinet has a stamped metal plate that can be easily replaced, depending on what you install in this part of the cabinet. If you plan to use it for a dual system, there is a cutout to provide space for your I / O shield and as mentioned above there are 3 vertical GPU slots. That's how it is. With Enthoo 719, you can install two GPUs vertically! There is another option to install the auxiliary power supply vertically on the front, so you can also place the relevant stamped steel to fix it. The included Phanteks Revolt X PSU is manufactured by Seasonic and may be one of the best PSUs you have ever seen. Importantly, this 1000-watt PSU is designed to power dual systems, so there is no need to install a second GPU, providing more space for water cooling and miniITX motherboards.

Finally, it is worth noting that the side of the window is hinged, leaving only the rear panel requiring thumbscrews, which is very easy to use (they will not tear the thumb).

Next to

In the system, you will get a high-strength tempered glass panel. The glass is black, looks very thick, feels very firm, and has a reflective luster. As mentioned above, the panel is hinged. To completely remove the panel, just lift it from the hinge. This box is full of some wonderful little details, the first thing to notice is the foam layer located between the tempered glass door and the box frame. The foam acts as a barrier, softens the door closed, and forms a seal, increasing

Touch. On the left side of the SSD window, we see another vent, but this time it's a big one. This vent is to accommodate the fan that can be installed on the rear panel of the case, and it also has a dust filter.


At the top of Enthoo 719, we see more support space for fans and radiators. Depending on the configuration you set, you can install 3 x 140mm fans, 3 x 120mm fans, or up to 360mm rad. Like other areas that will undoubtedly attract dust, we also saw another dust filter. The first thing to note about the

Enthoo 719 is its impressive motherboard support. The case can hold SSIEEB board up to miniITX. In addition, this case also supports a dual system configuration, which means that you can put the main motherboard on top and install the auxiliary system in the power supply shield.

I tested various motherboards in the chassis, and it's impressive that EATX didn't cover the cable grommet, and you still have enough space to run the server motherboard. At the top, there is a gap of about 3032 mm, which provides enough cooling space for it. Of course, the enclosure completely covers the cooling options, and the indoor floor is no exception. There is enough space at the bottom to accommodate 3 120mm fans and a 140mm fan or a maximum 360mm radiator. There is also a mounting bracket and a dust filter at the bottom for different installation configurations.

On the right side of the cable management grommet, we see four removable plastic mounting brackets. Using brackets, you can install 2.5-inch SSDs on either side, and there are eight possible mounting options on these brackets alone. In addition, you can attach hard drive enclosures to these brackets and stack them. If you plan to use the SSD mounting option on the back of the case, you can remove these black mounting blocks and install 4 120mm fans in their place. Below the

motherboard area is where the second system can be installed. There are four bracket screw holes and another grommet to supply power without messing up the cable management. We also see that the PSU cover is outlined on the top, and the integrated RGB lighting of the housing is also located on the front.

It is worth noting that if you do not use the bottom space for auxiliary systems, you can always use it for additional storage. The HDD cage will be hooked into the pre-installed rack and neatly stacked in the corners, with the cables snugly in the bottom gasket.

Rear Panel The

is on the back, as mentioned before, we see that the three attached SSD brackets are very well positioned and can appear through the window. At first, windows didn't make sense to me; I mean, why do you really want to see SSDs? Having said that, I quickly came up with this idea, I really like it, and if you plan to buy an SSD with RGB lighting, then you have a nice feature.

As mentioned above, you can clip four SSDs to the black removable brackets that we see near the front of the case. Since you can access too many fans and RGB in this situation, the wiring on the back is a bit challenging, but luckily, a universal fan hub is included. The fan hub simplifies the job of cable management and provides you with the extra connectors you need to pump some air in this situation.

I have always found that the Phanteks case considers cable management, and Enthoo 719 is no exception. Considering how many cables are in this test version, the wiring is very easy. In order to hide the PSU nest from the back, we saw a small metal plate cover being lifted and secured with thumb screws. The rear panel is now completely straight and has no grooves to accommodate cable management. In other words, it is not necessary; there is about 20 mm of cable management space, enough for the front panel and power cord. Although

is a full budget tower, it is Phanteks, and Enthoo 719 has many advanced features. The shell function is primarily designed for custom water-cooled builds, but I can assure you that even if you plan to do a regular (albeit large-scale) build, it is an excellent shell.

The features of this case fully illustrate Phanteks' high quality design and workmanship. As mentioned above, this is technically a full tower cabinet on a big budget, but it looks, feels, and even builds better. There are various accessories in the

box, but one little thing I like about Phanteks is the little box of screws they shipped. The screw box separates all the screws very well. Compared to inexpensive boxes where everything is loose in one bag, it is really quite different.

Full Tower Phanteks Enthoo 719 is an amazing case, perfect for any enthusiast. Naturally for the budget we see some corners being cut, some steel feels a bit flexible, and of course there is no fan. That said, the quality is high and this PC case is excellent value for money.

Enthoo 719 is very simple on the surface, but as you look inside, you will see a different story. Dual system support is obviously a niche for this project, but even if you don't plan to take advantage of it, the chassis is one of the best airflows and will make any decent system look amazing. The fan hub that comes with the Phanteks

is very good, it really helped me organize the RGB cables in the back without a problem. There is little

penalty fee. Although this is for enthusiasts, the easy-to-manage cable options and ample space to manage these cables make it something the average computer user can easily build - the low-priced elite full tower is a great choice for your next system. Cooling.

motherboard supports

specifications EATX, ATX, MicroATX, MiniITX, SSIEEB

Dimensions H x W x

595 X 570 X 240mm

drive bays


contains the compatible mystery

N / A

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Phanteks Enthoo 719

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