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Pcspecialist teams up with fnatic to bring new line of gaming pcs

Please check below for the minimum and recommended requirements for "Persona 5 Forward" on a Windows PC.

Please note that game publishers usually slightly underestimate the minimum requirements for their games to encourage more people to buy them, so we usually add more features to the prescribed specifications to ensure safety. Please refer to the section at the bottom of this page for instructions on the PC version we recommend to play the game under different settings.

If you don't know what components are inside your computer, you can also check our guide here to understand the current specifications of your PC.

It should be noted that Persona 5 Forward is a console port, and there are currently many reported crashes. Hope the developers will fix these issues in future bug fixes, but now, if you are playing games on your PC, please be careful! The game can also be played on PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch.

If you want to buy "Persona 5 Forward", take a look at ENEBA's game prices.

Persona 5 Forward is the sequel to the previous game in the series: Persona 5, which is more like an RPG game. Although the latter game incorporates elements of RPG and adventure, it is also a crossover with the Dynasty Warriors series, so it incorporates some elements of hack and slash combat in real time.

To make Persona 5 Strikers run at 1080p resolution at the lowest settings, you need to check one of our $500 or $600 self-built versions. However, if you want to improve the resolution and graphics, a build of $1,500 or more is recommended.

If you don’t want to build your own PC and prefer to use pre-built options, then one of our PCs under $800 can definitely run Persona 5 Forward at the lowest setting of 1080p. However, to get higher resolution and settings, you need at least as powerful features as our $1,500 pre-built PC.

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