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In the past video game era, everything was related to console wars. Nintendo VS Sega. Nintendo and Sony. With the changes in recent generations, the console battle is getting closer and closer to Sony and Microsoft, and Nintendo focuses on bringing its own experience... But now, the console is not the only fighter in the region.

PC has joined the competition. PC games have certainly been around for decades, but with the advent of the PS360 generation and the emergence of Steam, PCs suddenly began to compete with game consoles in unprecedented ways. The console war has died down (well, in most cases) and is more or less over.

Now ... This is PC vs Xbox One vs PS4. Today, we will discuss the position of the competitors at the end of 2019 and the current generation of consoles, PS4 / Xbox One, and we will approach this battle from every possible angle. Chapter

Don't Talk Nonsense Let's really start discussing the pros and cons of PC and console gaming.

First, let's talk about pricing. For the sake of simplicity, let's use the hardware capabilities and performance of the PS4 as a benchmark.

A new PC with gaming performance comparable to Xbox One and PS4 will cost you $ 400. A new PC comparable to Xbox One X will cost you $ 600. PS4 is selling for $ 300, One X is selling for $ 500, so the console wins, right?

If what we are talking about is new, yes.

But if we take into account the hardware used ... not exactly. For example, if you buy a pre-built pre-made office PC on eBay for $ 100 and then spend $ 100 to buy a console-equivalent GPU (you can - see our second-hand GPU guide), you can get the performance of the console at a lower price. Of course, the retail price of second-hand game consoles will also be lower, but generally speaking, you won't get a good deal on them.

Here we use second-hand PCs, followed by second-hand consoles and finally new PCs. Upgradability (discussed below) means that the cost of the PC may be higher, but right now you choose to invest in the high-end market segment and see diminishing returns; Please note that game consoles cannot compete with high-end products.

However, the price of the system alone is not all that needs to be considered. Let's continue ...

price shows. For simplicity, suppose you are looking for a 1080p monitor and you want a monitor for a PC and a TV for the console (although you can also use the monitor for the console).

Buy new, PC definitely wins. You can find new ready-to-use displays on your PC for around $100. A new 1080p HD TV will cost at least $200 or more.

However, in the second-hand market, this struggle has become more complicated. Second-hand high-definition TVs cost between US$50 and US$150, but they are usually located on the smaller side of the TV spectrum. At the same time, second-hand 1080p monitors often start at around $ 70- $ 80, making the barriers to entry in this area slightly higher.

I bought a new one and the monitor took the cake. Buy a second-hand television. The TV is better, but not much worse. This will be complicated by the different situations in which you could use them, but seeing that many people already have televisions and monitors are more suitable for pure games.

If you want to learn more about comparing televisions and monitors in games, read our article on this topic.

You can use the console controllers for their respective consoles or with PCs; price comparisons should not be made for this particular situation. If you use an Xbox controller on an Xbox or PC, the price is the same.

What we want to talk about is how much money it takes to have a good gaming experience on each platform. The official controller cost of the

currentgen console is between US$50 and US$70, depending on the sales situation and the console you choose. (However, one is usually included in the console.) Third-party controllers can be used in the console, but they tend to significantly reduce functionality and build quality, especially at the low end. However, to be fair, a competent external controller starts at $20.

can buy Logitech's premium keyboard and mouse set for $15. Although mechanical keyboards are good, they do not provide an objective way for games to upgrade official controllers compared to third-party gamepads. Gaming mice can be an objective upgrade, but even those can be bought for as little as $30.

The winner here is very close, but we will let the PC have the upper hand.

Let me talk about the prices of physical games. In terms of new physical games, the PC and the console are about the same here. When it comes to physical second-hand games, PCs aren't competitive at all ... At the same time, the retail price of modern second-hand console games can be as low as $ 10 and $ 15. Plus , there are generally fewer options for buying physical PC games.

Speaking of fewer options, when it comes to digital gaming ... it's not even a competition. PC won the game. Steam is known for its frequent sales, and even the latest AAA games offer significant discounts. Steam also has competing storefronts, like the GOG and the Humble Indie Bundle, which help lower prices across the board and drive more sales.

This does not even mention the modding community, it can be said that it is worth mentioning, although it adds a lot of value to many games (such as Skyrim or Don't Starve), it is free. The

consoles are limited to their respective online markets, so there is no competition there. Many digital games have the same retail price as the physical copy of the game at launch (and they may never see a real drop in price except for sporadic sales), and almost no sales.

Less ($20 per year), while Xbox and PlayStation charge higher ($60 per year). Xbox and PlayStation offer monthly games to help alleviate the blow, and provide additional discounts for games for sale, but this cannot even make up for Steam’s sales savings.

We will not pick a winner in this category. In terms of absolute numbers, PCs provide more and have the advantage of not being so severely separated from generations. PS4 ranked second, Switch ranked third, and Xbox One ranked fourth (note: you can play many Xbox "exclusive" games on your PC, such as Forza and Gears of War).

in numbers.

What really matters is the game you like. Do you want to play halo 5? I need an Xbox for this. Mario Odyssey? change. Spiderman? PS4.

You know. There is no objective measure of the quality of the game. For many people trying to determine "should I get a console or a PC?", it will somehow reasonably boil down to this. If monopoly is your deciding factor, you need to determine which games you want to play the most and which platform they are on.

(If you are curious, the author's personal choice for exclusive games is Nintendo Switch.)

virtual reality games are the latest trend in the market. Consoles and personal computers have more or less their own positions in this market. Among game consoles, only PS4 actually provides a virtual reality viewer (PS VR), while PCs have several possible headsets for you to use, although HTC Vive and Oculus Rift are the most popular and supported.

Technically speaking, PS VR is inferior to PC products, regardless of its outdated tracking technology or the weaker functions of PS4 itself. In addition, PS VR has fewer games, which makes it less attractive as a product.

However, PS VR is also much cheaper. It is recommended that you use a more powerful PC for VR (it would be nice if you have a more powerful PS4 for VR, but PS4 Pro is already powerful enough), this will allow you to go back a lot of changes. In addition, PS VR is priced at less than US$200, while Vive is priced at about US$500, and Rift is priced at US$350. However, peripheral devices (like controllers) can make you spend almost an additional $ 100 on whatever device you choose.

But these are not tests of the future. PS VR is the least of them, because Sony can hope to further promote the technology with its next console.

At the end of the day, it's best to try it out at a store (Best Buy, GameStop, etc.). You can save PS VR, but its lower quality can mean the difference between having the trash can on hand and getting a revolutionary gaming experience.

They may see the progress of things, but we will still do it.

PC and console (without Switch), you can upgrade its internal hard disk. Starting from the latest generation of consoles, they can also use external hard drives. (Again, there is no switch).

consoles do have a limitation here, at least in terms of internal storage: they can only support 2.5-inch drives. Not only are these generally more expensive for the same amount of storage, but they are also slower (in the case of 2.5 HDD) or more expensive (in the case of 2.5 SSD).

In terms of drive upgrades, PCs have more internal storage options. As for everything else ...

Yes. PC wins in this regard, there is no suspense. Except for storage, you cannot update anything within the console, much less open it without voiding the warranty. You can repair, upgrade and replace your PC as you wish; You can even build one from scratch if you want!

Suppose you want to play an old game on a modern system. Who provides the best backward compatibility? The

PC is pretty good in this regard. Thanks to the built-in compatibility mode, user-made fixes, and exports like GOG (making broken old games run on modern systems), your PC library existed earlier than Nintendo consoles. By adding appropriate hardware and emulation, you can now emulate almost all old game consoles, even PS3/Xbox 360....

This is a sad thing: Nintendo has done a great job in this category.

With the construction of the Wii Virtual Console and the Wii U / 3DS Virtual Console, all of Nintendo's best games can be played on their modern systems.

Unfortunately, Nintendo Switch does not provide backward compatibility ... except for analog NES games. As of 2019, they rank first from the bottom in this category.

Click here to see a list of NES games available online on Nintendo Switch.

Check out our best Wii to HDMI converter here

Similar to Nintendo, PlayStation has done a great job in this category in the past. The released PS3 can play PS2 and PS1 games, but later PS3 models canceled PS2 support to lower the price.

PS4 does not have any direct backward compatibility, only PS Now which is a subscription service that provides access to streaming PS3 games. PS2 games can also be purchased from the PS Store and simulated, but as of now, only a few PS1 games have the same approach.

Click here to see the list of PS Now games.

Xbox does its best in this regard. Although

is limited, Xbox One provides backward compatibility with a large number of original Xbox and Xbox 360 games, some of which have even improved resolution and performance on Xbox One X!

Click here to see the full list of supported Xbox / 360 games. Chapter

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