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PC fan controllers have become increasingly popular in recent years, and we have seen more and more chassis manufacturers include fan controllers as additional features in their products. Adding powerful components such as CPU and GPU will increase the ambient temperature of the computer system, resulting in the need for additional fans for ventilation. The increased demand for fans (plus the need for some additional RGB) makes the demand for fan controllers very high.

When building a new PC, the fan controller is often overlooked. This is fair, because many people think that using a new cooler is a priority over additional fans. The increased airflow and beauty that fans bring is usually worthwhile, so using fan controllers to organize and control fans can reduce the pressure of building and using fans Not only that, better control of the fan also allows you to better control the temperature faced by the system, which will directly affect its service life.

In this article, we will introduce the best PC fan controllers, the fan controllers you may need, and some things to consider before buying.

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Corsair brings the PC enthusiast fan controller with Commander Pro to the desktop.

This Corsair fan controller is an internal model, so its main focus is to outperform any eye-catching features and comes with a total of six fan connectors.

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Phanteks Universal Fan Controller, like Commander, is a very practical product that can meet all your needs. The

Universal has a magnetic housing, which can be installed in any metal housing, and the additional remote control can be attached with velcro.

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Noctua has one of the most compact fan controllers on the list. It takes up very little space. NAFC1 supports up to three 4-pin PWM fans and can work in different modes. The

's small fan controller is powerful and suitable for anyone who only needs a small number of fan control functions. If this level of control over your PC isn't enough, it also comes with a six-year warranty.

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The Thermaltake Commander FT may require a 5.25-inch drive bay to install, but its touchscreen is very stylish. Although

appears to be very technical, this fan controller is actually very simple to use and supports 3 and 4 fan options. The only downside is that it uses the Molex power connector.

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DeepCool FH10 is a very affordable FH10 fan controller that can be used with up to ten 3- and 4-pin fans. The design of the

FH10 fan controller is very elegant, which means that it can be installed on the front side, which minimizes aesthetic problems and can power all ten fans occupying only one 4-pin motherboard connector.

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Before purchasing a new fan controller or fan hub, there are a few things to consider. Some fan controllers have different specifications, number of channels, and of course software. Whether you are looking for a bargain or the best PC fan controller, you still want to make sure it meets your needs!

Most of the time, the fan controller can be located at the rear and hidden. Sometimes these fan controllers are designed to place them in your system without appearing like a bird’s nest in your box.

Of course, the choice of 5.25-inch drive bays looks the best, thanks to its touch screen, but these types are unique. Most fan controllers/hubs that use software/controls are very simple in the design department.

Different fan controllers support different types of fan pins; usually it is 3 or 4 pins. The 3-pin

model is more complicated than the old 2-pin model. There are two pins for negative and positive current, and the third pin is for RPM monitoring.

A 4pin can complete all the above operations, but adds a fourth pin for PWM (Pulse Width Modulation). PWM is used as a switch that constantly opens and closes to adjust the power of the fan.

PWM is not as important for chassis fans as it is for CPU and GPU coolers, at least in terms of performance. Setting a non-PWM fan to spin at a specific RPM will work fine on your system, but it won't be as energy efficient or quiet. The number of

channels varies by fan controller. It's important to make sure the controller you get has the right number of channels to meet your needs. Noctua on this list only supports up to three fan channels, so feel free to pay attention!

If any of these devices have control functions, they are generally very simple and have limited customization. Corsair Commander's iCUE and other programs are excellent and give you true configuration flexibility. Other control options include touchscreens like Thermaltake controllers.

fans are essential for cooling the system and keeping components running. Although airflow is very important, it does not prevent a large case from becoming a problem when trying to install the fan unit on the motherboard. Essentially, the PC's fan controller eliminates this.

Install a PC fan controller in your system for easier temperature monitoring. Most of them come with software that allows you to manually adjust the fan speed so that your system strikes the perfect balance between coolness and quietness.

pin bracket


fan channel 4444 6

lighting channel 4444 2

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pin bracket


fan channel 4444 4 4 4 4 4 4 N 4 4 Lamp 4 4 N

Channels and four independent thermistor inputs can achieve more accurate temperature monitoring.

When it comes to the fan controller, this model has excellent build quality and impressive versatility. This fan controller is a good choice, equipped with the best software in the game, iCUE from Corsair.

There is no question that this is one of the best fan controllers on the market, but sadly the price reflects that. If you can afford the cost, you will get a gift, because Commander Pro is a very reliable product with a large number of features.

Pin Bracket

3 Pin / 4 Pin

Fan Channel 44 44 8

Lighting Channel 44 44 N / A

Amazon Store


3 Speed Remote Control

Magnetic Housing

Low Profile DC Bracket (344 Pin) File (344 pins)) Whether it's an adapter cable or RGB lighting, Phanteks provides some great additional features for your build. Here we have the Universal Phanteks fan controller, just like Corsair Commander, it is a very practical product. Universal will allow you to fully control your fan manually using the remote control. You can control up to eight fans (three DC and four PWM). The

Designwise Fan Controller doesn't look any different on the surface, but it isn't. Thanks to its magnetic casing, Universal can be installed on any metal casing, and additional remote controls can be connected with Velcro.

This fan controller is specially designed for large-scale systems. It has a compact size and is definitely your first choice.

pin bracket


fan channel 4444 3

lighting channel 4444 N / A

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Noctua has one of the most compact fan controllers on the list and has a very small footprint. NAFC1 supports up to three 4-pin PWM fans and can operate in different modes. If you set it to manual, you can actively change the speed through the dial, or if you set it to automatic, it works with the motherboard. One of the best features of the

Noctua fan controller is its "nostop" mode. In non-stop mode, the fan controller will not let the fan drop below 300 RPM, just press a button.

This small fan controller is powerful and suitable for anyone who only needs a small amount of fan control functions. If this level of control on your PC is not enough, it also offers a six-year warranty.

Pin Support

3-pin / 4-pin

Fan channel 4444 5

Lighting channel 4444 N / A



from Amazon Manual and automatic adjustment

Touch screen

Support DC (3-pin) And PWM pin))

looks great

is reasonably priced


requires 5.25 inches of drive bay space

The Thermaltake Commander FT is very different from Corsair Commander. This fan controller is the only controller in the list that requires a drive bay. Due to the rapid decline in the demand for CDROMs, these types of fan controllers are now less popular. The

Commander FT is equipped with a 5.5-inch touch screen that can quickly adjust the fan. Although it looks very high-tech, this fan controller is actually very easy to use and supports 3-pin and 4-pin fan options. Commander supports up to five channels and has all the cables needed to install up to five fans. The main downside to the

is the need for Molex power connectors and drive bays, but as long as you have space, it will make your system look very high-tech.

Pin Bracket

3 Pin / 4 Pin

Fan Channel 44 44 10

Lighting Channel 44 44 N / A

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3 Speed Remote Control

Magnetic Housing

Low Profile Bracket


PWM DeepCool With the very affordable FH10 fan controller, it won the honorary title on this list. DeepCool FH10 can be used with up to 10 3- and 4-pin fans. The design of the

FH10 fan controller is very elegant, which means that it can be installed in the front without aesthetic problems. This integrated fan hub can supply power to all ten fans while occupying only one 4-pin motherboard connector. The benefit of the

DeepCool employees is that the way the fan controller is installed is slightly flexible. You can of course use the specified screw mount to screw it to the housing, or use a combination of adhesive and Velcro.

Now choosing the best PC fan controller is much easier (I hope). The obvious winner on the list is the powerful Corsair Commander Pro, mainly because of its features and excellent software. Although Commander Pro does not have a touch screen like Thermaltake Commander, it does work well and has two independent RGB lighting channels.

For non-full fan controllers with more budgets, the DeepCool FH10 is a good choice because it is now being sold at an unbeatable price. For lower-profile setups with fewer fans, the Noctua NAFC1 is a reliable option, and the small dial makes it easy to manually control the fan.

Of course, what you choose will depend entirely on your preferences and your build, but rest assured that no matter which fan controller you choose from this list, you won't be disappointed.

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