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There can be a myriad of options when choosing RAM for your system. There are many manufacturers of RAM and each of them has many models to choose from.

But not all RAMs are the same, the folks at Patriot Memory know. Patriot is a major player in the industry, so I am very happy to hear that Patriot wants to sponsor our articles.

The kit we are testing will be the Patriot Viper LED (white) DDR3200MHz dual channel kit. With this kit, you'll get two 8GB single-rank RAMs rated for overclocking at 3200MHz.

These memory modules have single-sided chips, which means that performance will be slower than memory that uses dual-rank or dual-sided chips to share the load. On the other hand, this allows for cheaper RAM; As long as the RAM is really valid, we can support it.

Kit includes two built-in XMP profiles to help you overclock. Remember, any DDR4 over 2133MHz is technically overclocked. Even if it is advertised louder (like our 3200MHz kit), it also means that it can be overclocked to that number. It is easy for the

to test the timing of the nominal 3200 MHz speed because the 16181836 (see the far right in the figure above) works well without any problems. I run this kit at this speed and time on weekends, while using my computer for daily and gaming activities, and I have no problems.

Remember that you want the CAS latency to be as low as possible. The CAS latency is 16, which means that the RAM responds once every 16 clock cycles, and we are able to use this kit to run this latency which is very suitable for this RAM.

Other kits in this range easily exceed 18, which makes RAM response much slower. This may not seem like a big difference, but the perception cycle happens so fast that a difference in your CAS latency score of 2 can cause a big change in usage.

If you are not very familiar with what we are talking about here, check out our article on RAM speed and XMP configuration files.

To run our test, we used the following system configuration:

We tested the RAM with two XMP profiles: XMP1 2933MHz and XMP2 3200MHz (seems to work better). We tried to test the RAM at 3600MHz, but our previous model Ryzen setup had a higher RAM speed issue and couldn't stabilize it, but the report indicated that it should be able to hit 3600MHz with some tweaks on the newer chipset.

In any case, even at 3200MHz, the kit performed well in our tests.

We used SiSoftware's Sandra Benchmarking to run our bandwidth and latency benchmarks. This will let us know how much performance the RAM can handle and how long the response will take.

As we can see, the two XMP profiles are closely matched in terms of bandwidth, with 3200MHz leading the way with 34GB / s bandwidth (the higher the better). This is how much performance

can handle. For latency, 3200MHz drives, slightly faster than the 2933MHz profile, entering 63.1ns (the lower the better). This is the time required for the RAM to respond to commands. In terms of games and FPS, the

is still keeping up with the times. It provides excellent performance data in both 1440p and 1080p games. If you want to pick it up to play, it is a great toolkit.

We use Unigine Heaven Benchmark software to measure the FPS of 1080p and 1440p.

Obviously, these two configuration files provide no significant differences in these use cases.

I am very happy to use this RAM kit to handle my daily tasks and some relaxing games. To be honest, I didn't notice much difference between this and the 32GB G.Skill kit I usually use on my system.

This kit is fast dual channel RAM that provides additional style rewards at a great price. The white LED strip on the top adds beauty. Although I only want a few LEDs on each strip, because the diffuser will still show interruptions, it can show both dark and bright spots.

Overall this is a very good RAM, I would recommend it to those who want to add interest to the appearance of the system while still having good and fast RAM.

Thank you for sponsoring this article and sending us this great toolkit.

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