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Path exile system requirements

Developer Grinding Gear Games announced a new expansion pack for Path of Exile to be launched later this month.

Nicknamed Harvest, as the name suggests, the expansion pack includes many new content oriented towards agricultural activities. As a way of exile, it is no wonder that the behavior of crops is different from that in the real world. The

expansion pack contains Harvest Alliance, new crafting options, abilities, gems, weapons, abilities, marks, slams, and passive skill tree options. In particular, the passive skill tree has been improved to better support different mechanisms and introduce new passive skills. Grinding Gear Games stated that they will release 12 new unique items and update over 50 pre-existing items.

As for how to grow plants, the official motto explains: “Look for seed banks in every area you explore. Bring his seed to Sacred Grove through the Oshabi portal. Sow these seeds and grow dangerous and beneficial monsters. Although most seeds are easy to grow, the rarer advanced seeds require more careful planning, but will produce more valuable results. `

Rare seeds have special needs. Players can use condensers, pipes, diffusers, and other tools to help meet these needs, all to ensure that the enemy of the harvest is defeated. These rare seeds produce the original rhythms, including Ersi, Janaar, and Namharim. Defeating them will earn you the most valuable reward.

From there, players can harvest plant-spawned enemies for vitality and then use them in unique crafting options to upgrade weapons, add mods, and more.

In terms of performance, this update also introduces a new Vulkan Renderer, based on feedback from the Beta version, it will greatly improve the performance of many players.

Harvest is expected to release on PC on June 19 and will be available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on June 24. As always, the Harvest expansion pack will be a free game.

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