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Paradox launces new grand strategy studio

Due to the mistakes of his former employer, a Paradox Interactive producer named Vachon Pugh faced deportation by the Swedish government.

When applying for the renewal of the standard work permit, the Immigration Department requested additional documents. To his surprise, he received a letter informing him that his work permit was rejected. You only have four weeks to leave Sweden.

Paradox is one of the largest PC strategy game publishers and has established a good reputation for decades. Over the years, recruiting international talents has helped them develop their own workforce.

Since moving to Sweden three years ago, Pugh has worked for 3 companies including Paradox. The Immigration Service did not find any problems with his first current employer. However, her second employer did not pay various employment and pension insurance during her probation period.

This became a problem because Sweden revised its immigration law in 2015 to help workers avoid exploitation. The new law stipulates that workers need employers to provide proof of social security and pension payments. Without these payments, the Immigration Service decided to reject his application.

"I think my previous employer was not malicious. This is an oversight. I understand that the rules are to prevent people from being exploited, but I am not exploited. This is an accident."

Immigration Bureau said in a letter to Pugh: " The insurance loss period of about five and a half months, within the two-year license period, is enough to discover that the conditions of your previous work permit have not been met...".

At this time, Pugh is appealing to the immigration court based on the lawyer's advice provided by Paradox.

"It's nice to know that your employer is fighting for you, but to say the least that I am under pressure. It's terrible, I don't know what will happen. I have been looking at my things and wondering if I need to pack them. I I have adopted two cats from a shelter in Malmö, and I am worried about what will happen to them. Besides, it is in a pandemic," Pugh said in an interview.

According to local media reports, Pugh's dream is to move to Sweden and join the ever-growing technological world. He first moved to Malmö and then to Stockholm to join Paradox Interactive, where he got a job overseeing the production of the game "Heart of Steel IV".

Paradox is currently one of Sweden's largest video game producers, with more than 400 employers. Paradox CEO Ebba Ljungerud stated that they fully support Pugh.

"This is a personal tragedy and a great loss for us. Vachon developed one of our most popular games. This is a difficult game to develop and it is difficult to find senior characters. We, as employers, are also victims of this situation. Even if we are not at fault, Vasson is not at fault, but it still affects us.

The Local reports that these new laws have resulted in the deportation of hundreds of work permit holders due to relatively minor clerical errors. It has become so common that there is a new word "kompetensutvisning" which means talent expulsion.

Sweden relies heavily on foreign workers to fill skills gaps in industries including technology industries. “Sweden as a country is working hard to build our technology industry, which means we are working hard to attract talent from abroad. This reduces their willingness to move to Sweden for obvious reasons,” Ljungerud told local media.

Ljungerud called on the Swedish government to take immediate action. She said: "I hope you freeze these deportations until they are properly reassessed. This issue has been debated for many years and everyone seems to agree that this is not the original intent of the law. "

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