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Paradox has made great progress in the last ten years. Starting with a single studio, they quickly grew into multiple studios through the acquisition of White Wolf, Triumph Studio, Hardsuit Labs, and Harebrained Schemes.

The new Paradox Tinto studio will open in Barcelona and will focus mainly on the content of Europa Universalis IV. The studio will take over the Paradox development studio, freeing up time to develop new great strategy games.

designer Johan Andersson from Europa Universalis IV will lead this new team as studio director. We don't know yet if this means that we will see a lot of content in the work of Europa Universalis IV, or if this study will take a while to start, but it is still exciting.

Regarding the opening of this new studio, Anderson said: "I am very happy and grateful for the opportunity to establish a new studio in a new location, making full use of the knowledge accumulated over decades of game construction and development studios.

"My The goal is to form a fully functional studio, further develop the Europa Universalis brand, and then design and develop new great strategy games.

However, the last part of the quotation is what excites us the most. Although the demand for Europa Universalis V still seems modest, especially since we still see the frequent release of DLC, fans of other franchises will be hopeful.

Crusader Kings is an example of a game that follows a development path similar to Europa Universalis IV. The game was originally released in 2012, with frequent content and DLC updates over the years, until a sequel was announced this year.

With the Heart of Steel franchise finally getting part four after seven years on Heart of Steel III, the other main game that fans have been asking for updates is Victoria II. This 19th century political simulator was first released in 2010 and has a very stubborn fan base. Because it definitely shows her age now, if Victoria III is at work, she will bring smiles to the faces of many fans.

Let us know what you think of this new study. Are you calling for the release of Victoria III or are you satisfied with more expansions for Europa Universalis IV? Let us know in the comment section. If we find more news from Paradox, we will definitely let you know.

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