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Panzer paladin launches on steam on july 21

The Pixel Reef developer announces that the standard PSVR paper beasts are directed to this summer.

A new trailer has been cooked to the opportunity to mark the change of the exclusive rights of PSVR. Enter the quiet quiet and thoughtful game of the best paper beast. As they were mature for exploration, I am looking for a beautiful and dreamy, a vast surrealist as beautiful.

If you lose emotion when the paper beast was launched in March of this year, the paper beast asks the player to explore the colorful ecosystem with a surreal life. It is a world built from the loss of code and algorithm that is combined from the darker recess on the Internet. Since

binary, life is an exotic wildlife of origami (title), interesting puzzles and an imaginative mystery remembers from the heart of the creation of another world, the heart of darkness and dust fame. From this point of view, the player in the form of a ground, forms the river, and the earth must be filing by applying a degraded storm, as it adapts to wildlife to react. Opaque stories look at the shape of the link and emotions are stirred. This is not used to explaining the paper beast as a game, considering respecting the concept of interactive experience to all approaches. With this with this, the port of the PC could not be avoided. The PC

version is not just a copypaste job. Pixel Leaf adds continuous motion support, fine game adjustment, visual update, extended sandbox mode and new flora and fauna and flora.

There is no launch date of the company other than "Summer 2020", but I know that the paper beast is available in Steam called the new version of the new version of the digital valve store. As you are waiting for more news, the paper beast is available in the form of demonstration as part of the Steam Summer festival. This extends from June 16 to June 22.

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