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Pandemic sees over 60s use gaming to keep mentally active

The folks at Tribute Games (Wizorb, Mercenary Kings, Curses `N Chaos) just shared the details of their upcoming Panzer Paladin. Like the previous games, this retro pixel style is a 2D action game that deliberately draws inspiration from the classic 8-bit and 16-bit era.

We just confirmed the release date of July 21st with this movie trailer:

Although if you want to understand how the game is played, you'd better check out this early game-focused trailer.

According to the released footage, I would say that it has the atmosphere of Castlevania or Mega Man, but there are many places to distinguish it and give it its own identity. What’s particularly cool is the way you put on the mecha, depending on whether you need the brute force and defensive abilities of a giant robot suit, or the agility that can be used outside of the mecha. If it looks like the previous Tribute game, it will feel solid to play, easy to learn but difficult to master. Maybe this is the Shovel Knight of 2020?

The following is the working principle of the game weapon system described by the developer:

"Swordsmanship is the core of the Panzer Paladin game mechanism. Players can equip and use any weapon dropped by the defeated enemy, attack or block, aim high or low, Use the weapon through the rock-scissors weapon type system and cast spells that destroy the weapon. The level of weapons abounds, so players are encouraged to use them in large quantities. The Paladin is the primary way to fight the enemy, but the player can also set off and control the flames, a nimble little squire pilot. The flame uses a laser whip to attack the enemy, swinging in space and even replenishing energy for the Paladin.

Panzer Paladin will be available on Steam and Switch on July 21.

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