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Overwatch 2 release date

When it is expected that it is launched in the second half of this year, wear 2 of the explosion explosion can receive a complete retail delivery treatment.

A new recorded list of GameStop websites means that it is in the company. According to the list, Blizzard launches Overwatch 2 on all major platforms, such as PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switches. The next session console

is missing slightly without a list of versions of PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X. It does not say that Blizzard is not saying releases on the console, but the sender may be waiting for each hardware to announce before both SONY and Microsoft announce HMM. Listing

is at a price from Overwatch 2 to € 70.77. This can take advantage of AAA release of AAA release from other upcoming with the Outlet website at approximately $ 80. Since Blizzard does not share a formal launch date, we recommend that it take a price as a proposal, not a price He confirmed to see all the retailers on the entire board. However, Blizzard is not a retail version as a retail release that fulfills, not a retail version as a retail release that meets, not a retail release for discount costs, and gives a market as a satisfactory retail release .. Add more Weight is the fact that it is possible to reserve the Overwatch 2 reservation on the Gamestop Germany website for its own price.

A list is characterized by a long description of Overwatch 2, along with a price screenshot and some options. Courtesy of Google Translate, says:

are attacked in

countries on earth. The total zero sector began a series of surprise attacks throughout the world, and the government and the planet's army have been overwhelmed immediately. Now, the rest of the audacious defense combat power that is known as an overmoby faces an attacker. In this new crisis time, the heroes of the world now have to decide whether to call the world as a symbol of hope and meet to meet to serve the world as a symbol of hope.

Overwatch 2 is a global sequel to the acclaimed game based on the Blizzard Entertainment team. He built the base of the original game fight and has come to all players to a great competition and new teamwork was. In addition to the battles of the PVP game mode, players can explore the overwatch universe completely in a totally new way on a totally cooperative mission. The heroes of the world will be associated here and you must face a lot of threats throughout the planet.

Heroes and Villains

444-ActionPacked, Players experience the new downwatch era as a member of Winston, Tracer and other watches communications. Players actively intervene in the next chapter of OutWatch saga and extend to a series of exciting missions for four players. In these missions, players play a role of different heroes, jointly protecting the world of the zero sector, discovering the fund of Omnick's attacks, and faces new threats from all over the planet.

The battle continues to the hometown of the heroes. This is a hero, it goes to a limit of missions around the world, protecting cities against the attacks of robots, eliminating the Elite Talon agents, and fighting the world that He threatens. In this high playback mode, the player can unlock the powerful customization option that gives him the level of leveling with his heroes and raising his skills and exceeding the opponent. The player can choose to update the Attack of the Reinhardt fire station to turn on the close enemy or to increase the speed of his hammer rotation. Alternatively, they have a frozen enemy and modify the endothermic emitter of MEI to disassemble the fatal ice sheets. There are innumerable potentials.

Overwatch 2 New Epic Team's New Era Marks A New Era Dawn for the Battle of Overwatch Worldfames 6v6. We adopt all the heroes, cards and game modes in the original game, including the results and collections of Ourwswatch-adopted. Two outdoors will expand some new playable heroes and the perplexed sheet hero list. Two teams have developed a new type of map type that fights to guide the robot to each destination. The sequel to the game also has an enhanced user interface with an update for graphics and gaming engines that brings the battlefields of the land and the beloved hero with more details. The

Overwatch 2 continues to support the Goldewatch community, emphasizing Blizzard's promise. The overwatch player can fight with the side of the lateral bee with overwatch 2 players in the PVP multiplayer mode. In addition, Overwatch's player also has access to the hero and the Overwatch 2 map, so the community's PVP experience is even dynamic even in Overwatch 2 days.

It is difficult to say when we can expect more about the overwatch 2. Blizzcon is canceled and digital exchange is not expected until the first 2021, which chooses Blizzard to share details and launch days. Suffering thrown by the continuous pandemics of Coronavirus may have been rooted in development, and we could see that they enveloped the launch next year.

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