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We have provided some new details for Overwatch fans. For those looking forward to Overwatch 2, another Blizzard leak made fans excited before the Blizzard Carnival this weekend.

We have seen some illustrations of Overwatch 2 featuring old heroes (and a new hero), which can be found in the Blizzard Equipment Store.

The recently leaked artwork is named "ow2fineartgallery.png" in the URL. The proper name of the image, although it may not be the most subtle title, we must admit.

New images show some popular Overwatch heroes going into battle. You can see Tracer, Brigitte, Reinhardt, Mei, Winston, Genji, and Angel in the works. Echo has also appeared, and is rumored to be a new hero who is about to join the game.

Currently, if you try to access the URL of the Overwatch artwork in the Blizzard Store, you will see a 403 error. This just means that you don't have permission to view the page.

However, if the artwork is official and looks official, we think this page is likely to go live during the Blizzard Carnival this weekend. We will pay close attention to further announcements and confirmations related to artworks.

This is after ESPN recently leaked information that Blizzard plans to show Overwatch 2 at the Blizzard Carnival this weekend. The

leak hinted that we would learn more about the new Echo character, and even revealed a new game mode called "Push".

When Ash joined Overwatch as a new character, we got a short animated introduction in which Echo was first announced as a character; this was almost a year ago.

Since then, fans have been guessing when we will see this new character appear in the game. Given that it has been almost a year since the first release of Echo, we think it is a good time to announce that they will join the world of Overwatch to mark the anniversary since their first launch. After all, making fans wait for news of a new character may not benefit Blizzard. After industry insider Rod Breslau suggested that new heroes would be announced at Blizzard Carnival,

fans joined. However, he has since deleted his tweet and updated his story, realizing that this may not be true. With this new information, we are not sure what will happen at Blizzard Carnival this weekend, but we hope that the information released can provide us with more reliable information about "Overwatch 2", whether it is about characters or gameplay. Although in an ideal world, it's both.

Either way, we look forward to seeing what will be announced this weekend. As always, no matter what information Blizzard reveals, we will make sure to keep you updated.

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