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Publisher 2K Sports announced today that WWE 2K Battlegrounds will be launched on September 18. This outrageous-looking arcade-style fighting simulation game will land on PC via Steam, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and Google Stadia.

2K also announced official artwork that graced the cover of the game, including a list of modern and retro wrestling stars. They are Rock and Roll, Becky Lynch, Charlotte, John Cena, Steve Austin, Ronda Rousey, Asuka, Roman Rains, Yokozuna, Giant Andre, Kofi Kingston, Demon Bray Yate and the mourners.

WWE 2K Battlegrounds is an easy temporary derivative product developed by Sabre Interactive, a subsidiary of 2K, designed to fill the wrestling void left by the cancellation of WWE 2K21. "WWE 2K20" did not perform well commercially and has withstood criticism because it was the reinstalled tulle version of WWE 2K19 the year before. Saber spent a year redeeming herself in the eyes of fans of the franchise and redoubled her efforts on a project that could become the mainstream of WWE 2K next year.

WWE 2K Battlegrounds uses lighter, exaggerated tones and a cartoonish aesthetic to deliver a crazy multiplayer arcade experience. He has 70 WWE Superstars and Family Legends. As 2K explains:

"Each Superstar appears in the ring in one of five styles, each with their own combat moves, strengths and weaknesses. Choose from Powerhouse, Technician, HighFlyer, Brawler or AllRounder and fight against the authority. Then use arcade-style props such as Flame Fist, Ice Breath, and Earthquake to break all the rules and quickly change the course of the game. "

players can also look forward to crazy interactive environments, melee weapons, superstar creator functions, enhanced props, special abilities, online tournaments, four-player cooperative games, and many modes such as King of Battlefield, Steel Cage, Royal Battle and Deadly Four The

online component consists of eight playable battlefield arenas.

"Eight chaotic battlefield environments are faintly visible in the lobby. Interactive elements add chaos and a lot of weird front row weapons, which you can grab to balance the odds . Try to dive from a military helicopter and crush your friends. Car shopping in the car, or throw your best friend into the mouth of a hungry crocodile in the swamp. Always ask WWE commentators Mauro Ranallo and Jerry "The King" Lawler for script revision corrections. Customize your own arena to give each fight a personal style, then add tags in Superstar Creator to create your own unique WWE Superstar with different body shapes and sizes, facial features, clothing, hair, and battle style, so that the battlefield become your exclusive.

also has a campaign mode that features seven fictional wrestlers competing for the coveted WWE contract. As one of these up and coming people, players will set foot on them under the leadership of the cool Steve Austin Journey to the Top echelon of the world of wrestling.

pre-orders are available, including two versions, both available in physical and digital versions. The deluxe version for $ 49.99 includes:

and the standard version for $ 39.99. Features :

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