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Ori wisps system requirements

This is a very unique game premise. We have seen a large number of horror art games. Turn-based strategy games are as popular as ever, but Othercide is an interesting combination of the two. With a highly stylized minimalist aesthetic, some creative characters and environments, and a large number of grids and figures in complex strategic scenarios, we hope to gather fans of strategic horror games.

You are commanding Las Hijas, an army made up of the descendants of the greatest fighters of all time. You are the last hope of mankind against "suffering", these terrifying monsters show evil intentions in this new trailer. Trailer

also highlights the dynamic timeline system. In battle, the timeline shows the order in which actions will be carried out, whether you command the unit or the enemy's movement and actions. Different actions will make the timeline adjust, thus delaying the enemy's actions or speeding up your actions. In any battle, the timeline will change a lot, so it's important to pay attention to how to use this system to your advantage. When executed in combination, some of your actions will cause more damage, so balancing the timeline to achieve this can be a smart strategy.

We also understand character development. Every daughter in your army can develop skills through battle. With the increase in experience, each daughter will get three careers to choose from as an upgrade path, allowing her to focus on different aspects of the combat system, whether it is increasing long-term offensive capabilities, new melee moves, melee or healing and defensive moves . This allows you to customize each unit to suit your play style.

For strategy games like this, the long-term appeal will depend on how interesting the long-term battles are. Other than learning the initial system, some small strategy games don't have more depth. Othercide has a permanent element of death. The downed unit can be resurrected, but it can only be resurrected by sacrificing another unit. If all your units are dead, you will have to start over, but some new items and options will be unlocked. Every time you successfully defeat a boss in the game, you will also unlock a permanent upgrade. The

high-contrast black/white/red color scheme is visually stunning, and the ugly character and theme design is very unique in this genre. It seems that they have considered providing something completely different from other similar turn-based strategies. .We think this is the one to be aware of when it launches on Steam later this month. With bright color schemes and complex layouts, this is certainly the kind of gaming that really benefits from high-end gaming monitors.

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