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Oculus announce that theyre dropping support for the oculus go

If you have always wanted to enter the world of virtual reality, Oculus Quest has always been a popular choice for many people. But what if you want to connect to your PC to play some of these exclusive games?

Until recently, this was impossible, but with the recently released Oculus Link beta, this seems to have changed. If you want to connect to your PC, you need to know whether your PC can handle Oculus Quest. To find out, just find out your system specifications and compare them with the requirements listed below.

This may be a bit tricky at the moment, so we are developing a tool that should be able to do this automatically for you. As the development progresses, we will notify you in time.

If you are looking for an autonomous virtual reality solution, Oculus Quest is a good choice. If your PC is not enough to support VR, this will let you experience the fun of VR, of course, there are some limitations.

Since games are loaded directly into the headset’s built-in storage, there is no need to install external cables or sensors in the room. If you want to play games on your PC, you must use Oculus Link. Although this is still in beta, you can finally connect Oculus Quest to your VR gaming system so you can enjoy the best VR games.

To connect Oculus Quest to your system, you need to use Oculus Link to perform this operation. It is currently in the testing phase and only supports a few graphics cards. As we approach the release, this list may expand, but for now, the list is as follows:

You also need to use the Oculus PC application to get Oculus Link to run on your system. As with the Oculus Rift, the system requirements for the headsets will vary depending on the game or software you want to run, so be sure to check out our Rift requirements page to get a better idea.

If you meet the recommended requirements, you can easily experience some of the best VR available. When using Oculus Link, you should use the GPU with care, but make sure you stick to one of the lists above.

If you want to connect to your gaming computer and want to do some updates, you will be limited to using one of the currently supported GPUs. The rest of your computer doesn't have to be too much though, a PC for around $ 500 can handle most VR games perfectly.

This version uses the AMD Ryzen 5 2600 processor and Radeon RX 570, allowing you to get started right away.

If you want to implement the ship and make your system face the future, feel free to enter the scope of a dedicated virtual reality system. We have excellent system building guides. The price is $ 1,000 and we can handle whatever you throw at it.

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