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Oculus announce that their vr headsets will require a facebook account going forward

Oculus Go is the first standalone VR headset released by Oculus, allowing users to enjoy a virtual reality experience on a standalone device. It does not provide the kind of high-fidelity graphics that might be provided by powerful desktop PR combined with high-end VR headsets, but it is a lightweight and inexpensive device that can work independently of any other hardware. The

was originally released in early 2018. Its internal structure is very similar to what you might find on a typical mobile phone. It can keep up with other VR headsets in an admirable way, including customized versions of Beat Saber, Dance Central, and The Climb. But obviously not a powerful enough device to run more demanding games.

Partly for this reason, Oculus announced that they will end support for Oculus Go and instead guide people to use their new standalone virtual reality headset Oculus Quest. In a blog post announcing this decision, Oculus stated:

"The community has responded very positively, telling us loudly and clearly that 6DOF feels like the future of virtual reality. So we will go all out and no longer ship 3DOF VR products. We will stop selling Oculus Go headsets this year because we redouble our commitment to improving our Quest and Rift products. "

3DOF refers to three-degree motion, in which headsets like Oculus Go can track their rotation position along three axes, but they do not support tracking your position. This limits the virtual reality experience you can have Complexity, because the game cannot respond to your positional movement. 6DOF headsets such as Oculus Quest and Oculus Rift can track your rotation

Anyone who uses Oculus Go, especially those who recently purchased Oculus Go, regrets it. Because it means that new versions of apps and games to be used on this headset will start to sell out soon. Oculus said that they will support this headset through bug fixes and security patches before 2022, but as of December 4 this year, they will no longer have new versions in the store.

For users who own or upgrade to the new standalone Oculus Quest headsets, there are also some changes, because the update early next year will increase support for developers to release Oculus Quest games outside of the official store. This should pave the way for some more experimental or non-commercial projects, and even developers who are cautious when working on the Oculus Quest project should know that they may be rejected by the store due to Oculus' whim.

Early 3D game pioneer and Oculus engineer John Carmack made some interesting comments about it, stating that the decision was made after some internal discussions within the company about the best strategy for the future.

It seems that the Oculus Go was created to create an easy-to-use entry-level device, but as time goes on, it becomes more and more obvious that the basic level of VR must be higher. Now that they have improved the basic level with the more complex Oculus Quest, the Oculus Go is a bit outdated.

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