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Nvidia talks with softbank to acquire arm are advancing

NVIDIA has released a new video titled "The Excellent Art and Science of Modern Graphic Design," which appears to confirm that the rumored 12-pin power connector will be used in several of its next-gen Ampere GPUs. Part

is a science class, part a history class, and part a deep understanding of the design and manufacturing process behind NVIDIA GPUs. The video showcases the company's innovative efforts as it tackles the myriad challenges that have come along the way. As explained by NVIDIA thermal architect David Haley:

It's about putting all the parts of the product together. With thermal design, mechanical design, electrical design, and industrial design in mind, combine all of these to unlock the full potential of the GPU and focus on keeping the system cool and quiet. "The

system engineering director, Gabriele Gorla, also spoke about some of the main obstacles we face:

" When we propose a new architecture, we have big dreams of performance, but one thing we also like to do is generate more performance at via Provide more power to the GPU. Whenever we talk about GPU performance, it's all because the more power you provide and consume, the higher the performance you get. When you create a very high-end circuit board and try to compress it from 6 to 7 inches, the biggest challenge is that the power density becomes very high.

In particular, Gorla pointed out the signal integrity and crosstalk phenomenon, which will intensify as GPUs become more compact. Part of NVIDIA's efforts to alleviate this situation is to have more PCB layers and change its design, including reducing the size of the power connector.

Gorla commented, ``One of the components that we significantly reduced in size is the power connector. We designed a new connector that is smaller than the PCI Express connector but actually carries more power in the end,'' The displayed graphic shows a compact 12-pin connector compatible with an 8-pin PCIe cable (use the supplied adapter). `

This video also involves the so-called "revolutionary thermal technology". As NVIDIA senior industrial designer Joseph Lee pointed out: The most serious challenge facing

industrial design is that you should try not to look at what you have done before. Once you start looking at what you have done before, you will naturally get into trouble. As a design team, before we start to deepen the conceptualization stage, we naturally tend to this idea, in which the thermal aspect of design is fully reflected. On this basis, we can realize this revolutionary thermal technology. "Although

did not publicly mention the next-generation Ampere GPU, the subtext is clear: NVIDIA is pushing some huge changes and getting as close as possible without directly revealing them. During the special GeForce event on September 1, we will have to wait another week.

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