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Nvidia super mobile gpus

A few weeks ago, we first heard reports about Nvidia's intention to acquire the CPU Arm designer. According to the latest news, these negotiations are progressing. The latest Bloomberg report said they heard that the goal of the two sides is to reach an agreement "in the next few weeks." This will be a historic transaction: two major companies in the field of computer components will come together to form a powerful new force in the industry.

According to Bloomberg News, Japanese tech group Softbank only sees Nvidia as a potential buyer for Arm, which they have had since 2016, and there are no other viable candidates to participate in the ongoing negotiations.

No final agreement has been reached and negotiations are still ongoing. The limited number of companies that can handle such large acquisitions can greatly advance Nvidia's long-term business goals, but negotiations around such acquisitions can be very complicated. In all aspects of navigation, any unexpected turn can interrupt the entire transaction.

Bloomberg speculated that Arm's value may be around $ 44 billion, which may cause Nvidia to look down to see if there is any change to the back of the couch.

This will be an acquisition and may be subject to a major regulatory review, because Nvidia has become a major player in the field of computer hardware, and many of Nvidia's direct competitors are obtaining chip design licenses from Arm. The legal logistics of these types of transactions means that there will be a lot of paperwork and involvement of legal experts before the transaction is finally signed.

If it continues, this can have a major impact on the future of computing and will ultimately affect the design of the devices we use and the components that make them for years to come.

We hope to hear more about the Nvidia 3000 series GPUs soon, but this may be even bigger news for the future of the company.

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