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Nvidia shares cyberpunk 2077 screenshots highlighting rtx effects

Financial giant Goldman Sachs seems to think NVIDIA is well-funded and worth investing in because the company has been a strong performer recently in its main gaming market.

The bank improved its assessment of NVIDIA's prospects by raising the expected target for NVIDIA's share price from the previous $ 179 to £ 192. In addition, Goldman Sachs recommends buying NVIDIA shares and expects their value to increase 25% year-on-year only in the fourth quarter, so his valuation of the stock price is higher.

Despite being unstable for several days, NVIDIA's stock price rose nearly 3.5% yesterday, pushing the price up to $ 178.40.

In terms of its position relative to other hardware giants, Goldman Sachs now believes that NVIDIA is a better investment than rival AMD and CPU maker Intel.

Goldman Sachs said that due to NVIDIA's dominance in the field of high-end GPUs for enthusiasts (because NVIDIA AMD does not have superior products to compete with NVIDIA products) and increased demand in the server and hub markets data.

As always, forecasts are not an exact science. Although Goldman Sachs' assessment appears to be based on reliable data, the high-tech market is volatile. A slew of new GPUs and CPUs from AMD and NVIDIA in the coming months can greatly affect the development of all of this.

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