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Nvidia seemingly teasing rtx 3000 ampere reveal for august 31st

We are sure that cyberpunk will become one of the most important games of this year. With The Witcher, developer CD Projekt Red has increased the scale and ambition of the series in every game, and we look forward to seeing it in Cyberpunk 2077. Of course, the games we have seen so far have left a deep impression on us. We have heard that these ray tracing effects will appear in games, but these new screenshots do a great job of showing them and how they actually look in the game. Click on them to view them in full resolution.

CD Projekt Red is working with Nvidia to develop this game, and they have implemented many exclusive Nvidia effects in the game. These effects will use the RTX core in Nvidia's superior GPU for ray tracing and other advanced graphics effects. We have heard Nvidia talk about these effects, but now they show us some new screenshots of them.

You need an Nvidia GPU to play games with these effects enabled, and it must be an RTX car. Fortunately, the prices of some of these cards have already started to drop. See the full system requirements for Cyberpunk here.

This is really a watcher, the highlights and shadows look very detailed. Surfaces glow at different levels depending on their composition, and using different lighting colors depending on the scene really helps set the tone.

As of now, the release date for Cyberpunk 2077 is set for November 19, but it has been postponed, so it is feasible to change this date again.

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