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Nvidia rtx 3080 ti leak sets up potential big navi showdown

JenHsun, Nvidia's latest graphics card creator, is scheduled to make an official disclosure of personal importance at the Computex virtual event on May 31, 2021 at 10pm Pacific Daylight Time / 6am British Daylight Time. .

We will hear and officially understand the Nvidia RTX 3080 Ti and RTX 3070 Ti for the first time. The

RTX 3080 Ti will become the newest and most powerful "gaming" GPU, second only to the existing RTX 3090 (more for workstation users) and the RTX 3080, the current flagship gaming graphics card.

There are several rumors as to when we can actually get the RTX 3080 Ti (in stock, of course). The latest hard release date is June 3, 2021. Make sure to keep paying attention to WePC and check our place of purchase. The RTX 3080 Ti page provides up-to-date links to all the world's largest graphics card retailers, so you have the best chance of a same day shopping (inventory won't last long, that's for sure)! ).

We won't get the official specs or price for the base version of the RTX 3080 Ti (i.e. the founder's version) until May 31, but there are a lot of rumors and guesses on this topic. The

RTX 3080 Ti obviously has 12GB of video memory, which is 2GB higher than the RTX 3080, but only half the 24GB video memory of the RTX 3090 GPU workstation. Current forecasts state that the memory bus will be 384-bit, just like the RTX 3090, and higher than the 320-bit bus of the RTX 3080. The number of CUDA cores is believed to be 10,240, which is much higher than the 8704 3080, but slightly smaller than the 10,425 RTX 3090's

cores. Basically, this card will be very similar to the RTX 3090, but the VRAM is halved, and the TGP is less than 320 watts (same as RTX 3080).

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