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Nvidia release geforce drivers version 452 06

After successfully recreating id Software's classic Quake 2 shooter using ray tracing technology, NVIDIA seems eager to redouble its efforts to promote its flagship features by launching a special player program.

According to a new job listing for producer positions in Santa Clara, California, NVIDIA Lightspeed Studio is running a hiring drive to recreate "selected" old jobs. The GPU giant doesn't seem satisfied with recreating weird games and instead uses the full power of the entire studio to introduce ray tracing technology into classic games. The introduction is as follows:

"NVIDIA is launching an exciting new game remake program. We have carefully selected some of the best games of the past decades and brought them into the ray tracing era, providing them with vision effects of First class while maintaining the gameplay that makes them great. The NVIDIA Lightspeed Studios team is taking up the challenge, starting with titles you know and love, but we can’t talk about it here! We are building a team of dedicated and talented game developers who are ready to get started quickly. "

In terms of potential candidates for the remake, the scope seems to be mainly focused on first-person shooters, and NVIDIA’s bringing Half-Life 2 and the Android portal through its Shield platform may provide some insight into what to expect .

Although this is good news for gamers of a certain age, they are eager to relive classic games in all the splendor of modern game technology. Ray tracing (and may introduce younger audiences may be due to secondary graphics Quality is ignored), NVIDIA’s motivation for this move is also to increase the impact of its RTX card series before AMD. Implement the ray tracing function of your PC ray tracing version in the future GPU products and upcoming hardware from PlayStation 5. Change In other words, this is a preemptive move before ray tracing loses its novelty.

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