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Nvidia ray tracing minecraft

The latest driver updates for GeForce graphics cards are now available, and support for a series of new and future versions has been added. The new titles supported by this latest driver update are:

By downloading and installing this driver update, you can ensure that each of these titles has reliable performance.

In addition to performance updates under the hood, Nvidia has also expanded the range of displays compatible with its GSync variable refresh rate technology, adding support for Acer, Asus, IO Data and Lenovo displays. A complete list of supported displays can be found on the Nvidia page here.

Finally, this new Nvidia driver update expands the range of games that support Nvidias Optimal Game Settings. It can automatically select the best performance and graphics settings for each game, instead of relying on guessing which settings you should choose. The best experience.

This is a list of newly added games:

If you are using an Nvidia GPU, you will need to install this driver update and hopefully you should start to see some small performance improvements for the affected games. If you are installing or playing any games affected by this driver update, please let us know how it works in the comments. Get driver version 452.06

direct from Nvidia here.

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