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Nvidia next gen server gpu

Based on a recent DigiTimes report, it appears that Nvidia is allocating new orders for next-gen GPUs between the two companies.

Nvidia is requesting products based on the Ampere and Hopper architecture from TSMC and Samsung, not just from one company. This can be a smart way to avoid putting all your eggs in one basket.

Nvidia has placed a massive order for 7nm Ampere graphics cards, and there are rumors that it will include the RTX 3080 series.

Nvidia's 5nm process will be reserved for Hopper in 2021 - microarchitecture will succeed Ampere. It looks like Nvidia will continue to use TSMC.

The report indicates that TSMC will continue to be the main chip source for Nvidia GPUs. It seems that Nvidia’s partners should have enough ability to fulfill Nvidia’s large orders.

However, there has been news recently that TSMC will also use Apple processors, so this may be one of the reasons why Nvidia decided to use Samsung.

TSMC will produce Apple's 5nm ARM processor and AMD's Ryzen 5000 series CPU. It can be said that TSMC has big projects on hand.

DigiTimes reported that anonymous sources said that Nvidia is signing a contract with Samsung to produce low-end Ampere graphics cards. This should help reduce the burden on TSMC and will also help improve the performance of the two foundries. The

Lowend Ampere graphics card will use Samsung's 7nm or 8nm EUV computing node. This year, Samsung has switched to a new and improved 5nm EUV manufacturing process, so it will be interesting to see if this will appear on Nvidia GPUs.

Currently, we are not sure of the exact release date. However, Nvidia's GTC will go live on May 14. It is expected that Nvidia CEO Huang Renxun will finally reveal more details about the 7nm Ampere GPU at this event. The

Hopper card details are a bit hit and miss because we don't know much about Ampere yet.

rumors suggest that Nvidia will launch Ampere in Q3 2020 and Hopper will launch next year. However, due to current world events, it is highly likely that these two architectures will be postponed.

Of course, if we hear any other news about Ampere or Hopper, we will keep you posted.

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