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Nvidia next gen gpu 2020

A new and mysterious NVIDIA graphics card is shown in the online database with Codename PG506. It was registered on April 7 in the description of the "server graphic module".

This seems to have ever seen the NVIDIA GPU of the NVLinkCompatible graphic module. This is probably a successor of Volta V100, but this is a feature that is characterized by Ampere's architecture of Volta Rehashish and Praalined.

It is worth looking back in other GPU modules. In particular, the PG502 Volta accelerator has been announced in May 2017 and PG500. The PG500 was a treadlined version of Tesla V100 and was the first as a standard GPU before Titan V was released.

pg 504 has published 32 GB V100 in March 2018.

All above was the name of the Code registered with The National Radio Research Institution of Korea before being released. .

PG504 was recorded in July and was launched in December, so the same latency was observed in PG506. This can mean a new GPU release of the new brand server this year.

ES when it is going to plan. This year, with the Covid 19 crisis, so far, until now, the series of cancellations and past delays have been achieved so far.

We hoped that the next-generation server architecture of NVIDIA will be announced immediately, but GTC 2020 moved online and the main advertisement has until now has been postponed. It is possible to listen to the news about it in the online event of the GTC 2020, but until now we are still in the dark. Meanwhile,

, if you feed more updates and rumors, we will make sure that it continues to publish in all nvidiarantes.

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