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Nvidia launches quadro experience

At CES 2020 this year, gamers were spoiled and NVIDIA led the way with a number of GSYNC-compatible models. In addition to the newly created GSYNC esports category for those who need cutting edge technology for competitive reasons, NVIDIA has also expanded its existing series through renowned manufacturers such as ASUS and ACER. The key point of

is that all these new models are built around GSYNC, with a special emphasis on high-end products and the best image quality and performance.

LG has launched no less than 12 new models for the next year to augment its existing BFGD (Large Format Gaming Monitors) line. The sizes of these LG GSync OLED displays range from the already quite large 48 inches to a staggering 88 inches. The target market is gamers who like to have a TV-like experience without annoying artifacts and screen tearing in PC games. In addition, the series also has a true black tone, ultra-low response speed that mimics more traditional size displays, and the magic of HDR. At the time of writing, there is no information about pricing or release dates.

In addition, NVIDIA also entered the high-end gaming market with two new members of the GSYNC Ultimate HDR series. Use miniLED to push the existing 576 full-array partial dimming backlights to the amazing brightness of 1152 and 1400 nits, ensuring better black shadows, more "popular" colors, excellent response time and ultra-low input delay up to 4K.

These two models are provided by Asus and Acer. ACER has ACER Predator X32 and ASUS has ROG PG32UQX. They can reach up to 32 inches, have a refresh rate of 144 Hz, a resolution of 4K, DCIP3 color using quantum dot technology and Display HDR1400. ASUS products connect via four USB 3.0, three HDMI 2.1, and one DisplayPort 1.4, while ACER connects via three HDMI 2.0 ports and one DisplayPort 1.4.

As mentioned above, NVIDIA, ACER, and Asus have not announced price ranges or launch windows, but given the high-end target market, we don't expect these products to be cheap.

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