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Nvidia gtx 3070 launch gets a delay of two weeks

CES 2021 may have to wear a mask because of Covid, but companies like Nvidia did a lot of practice in online keynotes during the 2020 disaster,

if there is a company that needs to improve relations after the disastrous 30 series is released , The GPU giant needs to attract people’s attention when it goes live on January 12. A brief preview on

Twitter, which Donald Trump would not see if nothing else, detailed four announcements we can look forward to this week.

Feel free to watch it below, but don't blink or you will miss it. The stream will be available on Youtube and Twitch, so you don’t need to be a member of the CES 2021 registration group to get the latest information (trust us, you’d better not receive 40 emails a day notifying you about Smart Perfume) some type of. ).

So what can we expect? Well, the Nvidia Mobility GPU will definitely be released, plus the series of leaks on the desktop card version we saw before the holiday indicate that there will also be new news in this area.

We are also looking forward and excited to release more ray tracing games using Nvidia RTX cards. Listen on the 12th and we will introduce which games you can expect in the coming weeks and months to be full of DLSS benefits.

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