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Nvidia gtx 1660 super

A good graphics card is an important part of a gaming PC.

When it comes to GPUs, you should consider some of the competitors in the market today. The two that we will focus more deeply on are Nvidia and AMD.

In this article, we compare Nvidia GTX 1660 Ti with AMD RX 580 to see which is better. We will delve into specifications such as architecture, fps, resolution, and VRAM.

clock speed

1830 MHz (OC mode) 1800 MHz (game mode)



memory bus width

192 bits

clock speed

1380 MHz


5 DDR bit width

video memory This is a good graphics card , There is a company that cannot be ignored. Nvidia created the first GPU, and its standard has never been lowered. When looking for a reliable graphics card, Nvidia products are second to none.

Nvidia’s most advanced and powerful GPU cannot match any other company today. Its quality and fps are great. When you are looking for a rugged, future-oriented high-end graphics card, Nvidia always wins. However, in recent years, other companies have also joined the competition. Although AMD is known for its CPUs, they have consolidated their position in GPU games.

Although top AMD graphics cards are not yet comparable to Nvidia, they do offer some great and reasonably priced options. By looking at its mid-range GPU, AMD has greatly narrowed the gap with Nvidia.

The following are the core speed and acceleration clock specifications for the two graphics cards:

The Nvidia 1660 Ti GPU uses the Nvidia Turing architecture. Compared with the previous generation product, its energy efficiency is increased by 1.4 times. The cache is 2 times larger than the previous model, which significantly improves the playability. The

game experience will be very fast, the Turing shading technology improves the image quality during the game. This architecture is specific to Nvidia.

AMD RX 580 uses Polaris fourth-generation GCN architecture. This provides excellent image quality and is suitable for most gaming PCs. The clock speed of the

RX 580 is 1.12 times faster than AMD's previous graphics card RX 480. The clock speed of the RX 580 is slightly higher than indicated, which puts AMD in a position to match Nvidia. This level of technology.

In terms of energy efficiency, RX 580 is better than RX 380, but Nvidia 1660 Ti is much more efficient. Both graphics cards have good specifications, but Nvidia is far superior to AMD when comparing clock and core speeds. The cooling system used by the

Nvidia GTX 1660 Ti is Windforce 2X. It uses a 90mm cooling fan to improve overall airflow. AMD RX 580 uses a limited edition Nitro + cooler. It uses a PWM controlled axial fan to keep the GPU cool. The recommended power supply for

Nvidia GTX 1660 Ti is 450W, while AMD RX 580 requires a minimum of 500W. If you want to overclock, you need to equip the RX 580 with a larger cooling system. The total power consumption of the

1660 Ti is 120 W, and the total power consumption of the RX 580 is 185 W. When comparing the two, the power consumption of the 1660 ti is much better and requires less extra cooling when overclocking.

When choosing a graphics card, the correct size is essential to ensure that it fits your build. The dimensions of the

Nvidia GTX 1660 Ti are as follows: 229mm x 111mm x 35mm. It uses PCIE 3.0 x16 interface. It has 2 slots wide. AMD RX 580 is 241 mm long and 2 slots wide.

Since the AMD RX 580 is larger overall, this is something to consider before buying. Power for the two 2-slot cards comes from a 1x 8-pin connector. You need to make sure the 2 slot width is the correct size for your gaming PC.

When it comes to the fps of each graphics card, the Nvidia 1660 Ti performed better in almost every game we evaluated. When looking at effective 3D speed, the 1660 ti has 39 levels compared to the RX 580.

Nvidia's overall benchmark performance proved to be better than AMD's, especially when both GPUs are running at 1440p. At this resolution, the 1660 Ti's average fps is 5560 fps, while the RX 580 is 4045 fps.

If you are looking for a more advanced graphics card, the 1660 Ti will be a better option.

Even if the RX 580 is based on 1080p, its fps are still not on par with the 1660 Ti. As for the high resolution of 1080p, the RX580 runs at 8085 fps, while the 1660 Ti has a resolution of 110-120 fps. The MRender of the 1660 Ti is 53 higher than that of the RX 580.

Although the RX 580 provides sufficient fps when running at 1080p, the 1660 Ti generally has faster fps.

Ray tracing is an important aspect to consider if you want to improve the overall gameplay and ensure your build is future proof. This rendering will help improve the lighting of the game.

One downside to these graphics cards is the lack of ray tracing. However, considering their prices, this is understandable. Ray tracing is compatible with higher specification GPUs.

If you are looking for a graphics card with ray tracing built into your software, you will have to look for a higher price range. Despite the lack of ray tracing, these GPUs still offer excellent performance. A good

graphics card needs at least 8 GB to run at 1080p. What if you are

Enough, with the discussion of GDDR7, this graphics card will be obviously obsolete. The

GTX 1660 Ti runs on GDDR6 video memory, which is currently the highest specification, so it is also the most suitable for future needs.

clock speed

1830 MHz (OC mode) 1800 MHz (game mode)


memory bus width


bit clock speed





bit total memory , Nvidia GTX 1660 Ti is the better choice of the two. It is significantly better in the game and provides better graphics. In addition, it runs on the latest video memory, which is different from AMD RX 580. Although

is more expensive, it is worth studying. However, if you have a larger budget, the AMD RX 580 still performs well enough to run games without obvious problems.

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