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Nvidia graphics card

The release of GDDR7. Although it is currently working well, it is worthy of attention in the future.

When comparing the two in terms of VRAM specs, they are the same. So what you need to consider is the difference in ray tracing, FPS, and clock speed.

clock speed

1683 MHz



memory bus width

256 bits

clock speed

1565 MHz


GDDR5 8GB 44244

It has better clock speed and fps. These are very important when playing games. Although the clock speed is only slightly better, there is a noticeable difference in fps.

's ray tracing function will make your PC more able to withstand future tests. However, compared to AMD RX 590, Nvidia GTX 1070 is more expensive. If you are looking for a cheaper GPU, AMD may be the best choice.

In general, both are pretty good GPUs, but when it comes to future verification, they may become obsolete in a few years due to their GDDR5 specifications.

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