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Nvidia gpu supply increase chinese gpu price drops

It seems that NVIDIA has begun to make a major leap in the way they manufacture premium and high-end GPUs.

What's more interesting is that NVIDIA seems to have adopted the same technology that AMD used to develop the powerful Threadripper and Ryzen series of CPUs, and we know that they have achieved great success.

This technology deviates from the single-matrix architecture used by NVIDIA and AMD for decades. Instead, the next generation of NVIDIA GPUs will use Hopper, which is the current generation of technology named after one of the computing pioneers, Grace Hopper.

AMD has gone beyond the use of a single processor, using multiple arrays in a single packaging method, also known as MultiChipModule or MCM. NVIDIA borrowed from AMD's book and chose MCM GPU, which will succeed Ampere. This will be a series of graphics cards, using multiple chips in one package. The

MCM design looks like the future of the GPU market, because the GPU and CPU are increasingly limited in their capabilities due to the mask size of most EUV scanners. The main problem with downsizing the

chip is that companies are forced to seek outside expertise. AMD successfully migrated to 7nm, while Intel has been struggling to get 10nm.

NVIDIA saw AMD's success and decided to use the MCM architecture for its next-generation Hopper GPU. This MCM-based initiative can generate tremendous revenue growth for NVIDIA.

This all sounds promising, but the reality is that it is still just a rumor. It is based on tweets that claim to reveal NVIDIA's plans, but have now been edited. NVIDIA is undoubtedly capable of implementing MCM-based GPUs, and this move will bring many benefits.

AMD managed to make its Threadripper and Ryzen series CPUs multi-core and high-performance, all of which are reasonably priced. Therefore, it makes sense for Nvidia to take the lead and adjust its products in a way that has been proven effective.

What do you think of the rumors about the future of NVIDIA graphics cards? Glad to see how they compete with AMD products? Tell us in the comments section.

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