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Nvidia geforce rtx 3080 review roundup

The rumor and leaks of the NVIDIA graphics card, and have a recent prey, and there is a proposal that GeForce RTX 3080 is in operation. The last stems of GeekBench's reference point that seem to show

124 cards of the computer unit are probably the NVIDIA AMPS GPU, but I do not know that this is Foup GeForce RTX 3080. Cu are suspicious, it doubles 68 cu in existing GeForce RTX 2080 Ti. This will represent a pretty generation jump that sounds good because it is true. The

card has a 32 GB of VRAM and truncated the current card and far beyond the current card, and CUSSERLEVEL game users may be necessary for the predictable future. Along with this, the GPU marks a large reduction from 1.6 GHz 1.6 GHz clock speed clock speed.

These pointers indicate that this mysterious card is oriented to a large workload, such as games, not in applications Professionals and creative.

History also suggests that the possibility of promoting the GPU to improve consumers before architecture for experts. The Volta architecture appears for more than a year before the RTX 2000 Series card, which can be a next-generation GPU. In that case, NVIDIA focuses on the Nougat card and specifically develops capacity, and this can adopt a similar approach.

In addition, the advantages of Nvidia in the GPU market of Gaming Highend Gaming is that the company has a low propulsive power to boost the exchange immediately.

NVIDIA RTX 2000 landed at almost 2 Woyears in GPU, but AMD could not interfere beyond the Midlevel GPU. NVIDIA still uses the tracking of hardware rays and the DLSS support to date is superiority to the GPU surface based on RDNA 2.

in all cases, this beast of 124 Cu is not the NVIDIA Nextgen game card.

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