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Nvidia geforce rtx 3080 gpu september launch

Here it is. The internet is awash with glowing reviews, covering hundreds of thousands of comments on the new future of PC gaming.

One thing in common: they can hardly praise him anymore. We have searched the internet to provide you with the best place to organize all of this information the day before it is available.

expects the card to install faster than any hardware in the past, so if you want to use it on day one, you have to be careful.

But if you haven't fully decided this time tomorrow, it will look poorer at $ 699, check out some of these comments. If you jump into this, it doesn't seem like many buyers will regret it. In fact, it is a game changer.


Page 41 3080 The benefits are there, you can get detailed information, but the results are as expected. Once you pass the benchmark test page after page, they'll love it.

"Compared to RTX 2080/2080 Ti, performance has been vastly improved", "4K 60FPS gaming is now a reality" and "Excellent cost performance".

They made an interesting point, although if you're a gamer without a 4K monitor, it doesn't really make much sense to buy one, because you may find that the real benefits are pushing those levels higher, not the resolution range. .The short ones. 5 things you need to know about

PC World

To counter the extreme cases of a large number of reviews, PC World includes a "What You Need to Know" article, combined with its full review, describing this card as "Incredibly powerful" " This eliminates a lot of benchmarking and instead focuses on more generalized information.

"Bottom line: it's very fast. "This is a small summary. There are also some good photos, cards placed on the author's lawn chair. winner.

Ars Technica

"Eat cakes at 60 fpsat 4K and also eat striped frosting." This is our favorite metaphor since the review date, although we don't really know what they mean. Their conclusion is: "If you are eager to build a desktop computer of $1,500 and above, then you can finally expect to get a sufficient return on your GPU investment of $699. Purchase."

Overclockers Club

We found it difficult to read because the page On the color, but they seem to have a variety of images, these images are their own cards from a perspective you may not have seen before

. If you need more persuasiveness, another in-depth comment is in it .

Reddit MegaThread

Keep up to date with all news and gossip. Sometimes it is almost impossible to keep up with it, but if you know your Reddit, you have at least half the chance.

Once people start to put cards in their machines, the first natural impression will first appear here.

Please pay attention to WePC's in-depth review when we take some appropriate steps to the 3080. For now, please check these videos below for detailed information, no need to read.

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