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Nvidia geforce now opt in measures

The expected GeForce of Nvidia finally left in the market in beta version. GeForce has already offered attractive challenges for Google Stadia, providing a subscription to only $ 5.

NVIDIA GeForce is a beta version for a long time, so it is great to start finally start. However, it is only available for players in North America and Europe at this time, but eventually we will spread to all. The

GeForce is a new service intended to convert PC, Mac, Android or TV to a powerful playing track. The purpose is to use the cloudbed games library to allow players to play between devices.

If this is familiar, PlayStation of Sony is now thinking about the future Xcloud of Google Stadia or Microsoft. It seems to be the future of the game when the clouds are still working.

An existing PC Game Library can be used to make the NVIDIA GeForce slightly different from competitors. You must buy a new game to play this service or subscribe to the Games catalog.

If you log in to a GeForce, you can synchronize old devices by downloading many purchases of existing games in a cloud account and keeping it on an older device on a previous device.

NVIDIA has updated the cloud server using the RTX Server RTX Ray RaycopeBingable graphics card. This is that you can play ray games on your Android mobile phone if you wish. Interestingly, GeForce is currently running in Steam, Battle.Net, Uplay and Epic Games Store, so you can use these instances for GeForce accounts.

You really need GeForce, a good and powerful Internet connection, and not far from the NVIDIA server. Currently, North America and Europe have six data centers.

NVIDIA continues to test the connections in Asian regions, but are expanding services.

If it is based on the base, you will need more than 15 Mbps connections. The 1080p transmission requires 30 Mbps, but NVIDIA recommends 50 Mbps to maintain the best experience.

is still excited. While you can play your own game, he won that they could bring them among all the devices.

NVIDIA is currently supporting hundreds of titles, including popular things like overwatch, Destiny 2, Dota 2, Fortnite. However, there are several key titles that expect what is currently shown. The most outstanding value, Rockstar, Square Enix, Konami and the Games of Remedios are not yet seen.

This may mean that there is no way to erase potential users as Red Dead Redemption 2 or Grand Theft Auto V-.

In addition to the missing face of the missing game, if it is sufficient off, another lower side is to limit its performance time. GeForce's free account is now limited to a time game time.

`The founder's account is sold at $ 4.99 in the month, and is still limited to 6 hours of stretching. This should be more than enough for anyone, but it is still worth considering.

Another thing that should be noted is that the founding price of $ 4.99 only applies to those who buy subscription quickly. It is not yet clear that it is still a regular price per month.

NVIDIA is currently supporting 6 million users, but is aware of the transaction when it reaches the server with covered and presses a certain number.

I do not know the final price, but if I want to use GeForce, it is said that the winner won needs to buy a lot of expensive teams and all the games. For those who are jealous of Google Stadia, GeForce now presents a quite attractive alternative that can end economically. However, as we know the details, we will continue to update them.

If GeForce is indecisive, it is easy to register and try a free account first. It should be limited at the time you play for an hour, but you should give you the idea of whether you are right for you.

Do you still want to try GeForce now for new cloud games solutions? Have you ever used Google Stadia or similar services? We are going to let your ideas in the comment.

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