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Nvidia geforce now million users bethesda

NVIDIA has released five new games through its fledgling GeForce Now cloud gaming service. Players can now join and play "Nioh: Full Version", "Dead or Alive 6", "Romania of the Three Kingdoms", "Fatal Strike: The Game" and "Dungeon Guardian: Awakening".

These five new features further enhance the compatibility of GeForce Now with hundreds of existing games, ensuring that it ranks first among the best cloud gaming options on the market today.

GeForce Now allows users to stream any compatible games already in their existing game library in digital stores such as Steam and Epic Game Store. Using the top servers enabled for NVIDIA RTX, GeForce Now streams them at 1080p 60k (if internet connection allows) to the user’s choice of devices, including Android phones, Macs, SHIELD TVs, and of course desktop computers. The idea of

is to allow users to play games that their existing hardware does not support, eliminating the need for expensive upgrades or expensive RTX GPUs from the equation.

Two weeks ago, NVIDIA announced that after its launch in the United States and Europe in early February, its users had reached 1 million. Much of the success is due to the free tier provided by NVIDIA, which has no restrictions other than the one-hour session duration limit. To celebrate the launch of the service, a three-month free introductory offer was provided to the Founders Premium tier, which also helped to increase interest in GeForce Now. However, for GeForce Now, not everything is that simple. Last month, Nvidia announced the removal of the Activision Blizzard and Bethesda libraries because the GPU giant called it a "misunderstanding."

Last week, Nvidia effectively added Hinterland Studio's survival game "Long Night." You do not need to request the necessary permission to access the service. At the request of Hinterland Studio, NVIDIA removed the game from the service.

Despite the loss of some big-name publishers, NVIDIA said it plans to introduce support for more than 1,500 games in the coming months. Unless there are further issues with licensing and commercial agreements, GeForce Now will expand and consolidate its position as a cloud gaming service for gamers.

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