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Nvidia geforce benchmarks

We already know that Nvidia will release its GTX 1650 Ti sometime this year. However, the recent GPU benchmark was released, exposed by Geekbench.

We have seen the leak of the mobile version of the 1650 GPU, confirming that it will be released for desktop and mobile users sometime this year.

Based on leaked specs, the GTX 1650 Ti will be based on the TU117 chip and equipped with 1,024 CUDA cores; this is an upgrade from the 896 CUDA cores previously seen in the GTX 1650 model.

It appears that the GTX 1650 Ti will have 4GB of GDDR6 memory and will run through a 128-bit bus interface. In terms of clock speed, the mobile version has a clock frequency of 1.49 GHz. We certainly expect the desktop version to have a higher clock speed. Another cool feature of the

leak is that the 1650 Ti will have 16 streaming multiprocessors instead of the 14 in the previous GTX version. The

GTX 1650 Ti scored 44246 points in the Geekbench 5 benchmark, which means that it will become one of the fastest models in the Nvidia Turing series of notebook GPUs.

We have not yet confirmed a release date for this GPU. However, the timing of this leak gives us some clues as to when we may see the GTX 1650 Ti on the market.

Since it was leaked alongside Intel's new 10th Gen Core i7H CPU, we believe that GTX will be available in late March this year when Intel intends to abandon its products.

Like leaks, we must obtain information carefully. Of course, once we know more specific information about when Nvidia plans to launch the 1650 Ti, we will keep you informed.

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