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Nvidia finish keynote with a flurry with launch of rtx 30 mobility gpus

It’s safe to say that this is an awkward two weeks for NVIDIA, but at least the release of some new game-ready drivers shouldn’t cause them any problems, even if you know your luck recently, you might format yours hard disk.

There are several major updates on this, the first one should be the optimization of the upcoming Star Wars: Squadron.

Next weekend, it will be much better to install the dogfighting space game earlier.

Death Stranding now supports the new DSS 8K Ultra Performance mode, allowing you to walk for hours with brilliant sharpness. Another major new addition to

is NVIDIA Reflex support in "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare" and "War Zone". This new technology is a new latency reduction system released by NVIDIA in Valaorant and Fortnite, and it should enter Apex Legends and so on in the near future.

testing has shown that enabling it on the humble old RTX 2060 can reduce latency by up to 7 milliseconds. The difference between winning and losing? Not for me, it needs more for me, but if you are half decent, it might give you an extra boost.

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