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Nvidia finally get an official response out to the rtx 30 series debacle

Nvidia confirmed that RTX 30 MaxQ and MaxP Mobility GPUs are available in 3080, 3070 and 3060 configurations, and are configured to be used in various high-end gaming laptops due to AMD's launch. And Intel in the near future.

The impressive demonstration of Microsoft's demanding Flight Sim 2020 ended the program, and although we are of course waiting for product confirmation, we are glad to see them arrive. The

flagship is obviously the 3080, which will be equipped with 16GB of memory and a maximum clock speed of approximately 1550MHz.

3070 reduces RAM to 8GB, with a maximum clock speed of 1300MHz, and finally 3060 has 6GB of RAM. All three

chips will be launched this quarter, so if you are now looking for a gaming laptop, it may be worth waiting to see how many variants we can see in the coming weeks and months.

Maybe you can play cyberpunk correctly when they eliminate all the mistakes.

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