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Nvidia cyberpunk 2077 themed gpu

A few hours after the NVIDIA GTC keynote, the details of what the GPU giant plans to reveal have surfaced, which is impressive. These are provided by items that have been deleted on EETimes, and the store apparently let the cat out of the bag earlier than planned. As the Internet, they have begun to spread.

NVIDIA plans to show an ampere-based GPU called Tesla A100, and a system containing multiple iterations of the GPU called NVIDIA DGX A100.

NVIDIA will advertise the Tesla GA100 as the world's largest 7nm chip, citing a similar themed video by NVIDIA CEO Huang Renxun earlier this week.

includes 54 billion third-generation Tesla transistors and cores, which is more than twice the 21 billion in Volta GV 100, and in terms of single-precision AI, the performance should be 20 times higher than the same GPU Volta (32-bit floating point number) ) And AI inference (8-bit integer).

When it comes to high-performance scientific computing (double precision, 64-bit numbers) and more than 1 Petaoperations per second, the GPU should also provide a 2.5 improvement.

continues to use DGX A100, the system has no less than 8 Tesla GA100, with a performance of 5 petaflops. NVIDIA said that a single DGX rack will replace 25 data center racks, but can significantly save power, while the power demand is only one-twentieth, and the cost is only one-tenth. The

system can handle expansion and data analysis applications, far away from the focus of previous generations of AI operations.

NVIDIA said that DGX A100 has been put into use at the US Department of Energy's National Laboratory of Aragon to help investigate the coronavirus. The

has a staggering starting price of US $ 200,000. The DGX A100 is now on the market and ready to be sold, and its model is already on its way to customers.

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