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Nvidia confirm geforce rtx 3090 10 15 faster 4k gaming than 3080

Since the acquisition of GPU company Ati by CPU company AMD in 2006, we have not seen such a big change in the computing component manufacturing industry as today, because Nvidia announced that it will acquire microprocessor designer Arm from Japanese conglomerate Softbank. . GPU company to CPU company. Nvidia paid a price of up to US $ 40 billion, including cash, some were paid immediately, and some had to meet certain performance targets after the acquisition. Usually when an acquisition like this is announced, it is very difficult to proceed, but this acquisition will be subject to several international regulatory inspections.

Arm may not be as well known as other giants in the hardware industry. They are not a consumer-oriented brand and do not sell any standalone products directly to the consumer market, but the chances of you owning a certain device are quite great. using designs based on them .processor.

Arm-based CPUs absolutely dominate the mobile field Most Android phones and tablets, as well as all Apple iPhones and iPads, use Arm-based chips. They also power many other devices such as smart TVs, set-top boxes, Nintendo Switches, Bluetooth headsets, servers, vehicle-mounted computer systems, and even entered traditional laptops and desktops in the early days. This dominance and flexibility between industries is certainly the reason for attracting Nvidia to make this acquisition, and it will make Nvidia a major force that cannot be ignored in fields other than computer graphics. If it was AMD or Intel, you might be worried about the future.

Compared to companies like Intel and AMD, one of the cool things about Arm is that they are microprocessor designers, not CPU manufacturers. This subtle difference is because Arm's licenses its chip designs to many different processor manufacturers, who in turn design and manufacture processors to meet their specific needs. Manufacturers such as Qualcomm, Apple, Samsung, and Nvidia have traditionally adopted Arm microprocessor designs and used them to build their own processors.

Perhaps one of the bigger questions is to what extent Nvidia intends to continue this relatively open licensing model, rather than hoarding Arm's technology and expertise for itself. At least according to its acquisition statement letter, Nvidia stated that this aspect of Arm's operations will continue uninterrupted:

"As part of NVIDIA, Arm will continue to operate its open licensing model while maintaining global neutrality for its critical customers. So far To date, its licensees have shipped 180 billion chips. Arm partners will also benefit from the products of the two companies, including numerous NVIDIA innovations. "

They also intend to continue to fulfill their existing contracts, use the Arm name, and maintain their Operating base in the UK:

"SoftBank and Arm are fully committed to fulfilling the commitments made by SoftBank when it acquired Arm in 2016, and these commitments are scheduled to be completed in September 2021. After the transaction is completed, NVIDIA intends to retain the Arm brand name and strength Identity and expand its base in Cambridge. Arm's intellectual property rights will continue to be registered in the UK. "

Large-scale acquisitions such as those that exist often have conflicting driving forces. Use acquisitions to change internal affairs, but also maintain ongoing ownership for a period of time. period of time after the change. It is not easy for NVIDIA to reconcile these conflicting forces.

For the larger changes that may occur in the future, the two areas where we most want NVIDIA to use this acquisition to further promote are its relationship with Microsoft and Apple.

For Microsoft, the future Potential changes to Windows 10 in Arm may be related to Windows 10 in Arm. Currently, this is an area that Microsoft is involved in, providing a small number of devices from a small number of partners running a dedicated version of Windows specific to Arm-based devices. They have the key advantages of being smaller, lighter and more energy efficient, but they have some very important issues in terms of software compatibility and performance. If Nvidia and Microsoft can work together to solve some of these substantive issues, we have no reason not to see the first real challenge facing the x64 architecture used by Intel and AMD, which has completely dominated the Windows field for more weather. weather. Although the main advantage based on current components is that Arm chips are very suitable for mobile computing, there is no reason why there is no future Arm-based processor built to prioritize raw performance.

For Apple, it may be more complicated. We can no longer doubt whether Apple's management has seen the arrival of this kind of curveball. They are converting the entire product line into armed processors. Their iPhones and iPads use Arm-based processors and have achieved great success in the field of mobile phones and tablets, and have announced plans to end their partnership with Intel on laptops and desktops, and instead use the ones they will manufacture Arm-based chip. future. . Apple is known for its existing series of Mac notebooks and desktops without special cooperation with Nvidia, it only provides AMD-based graphics, but maybe now your hands will have to do so. Apple is a company that doesn't like its own destiny closely related to anyone else. It may only use Arm microprocessor design in its product line, because Arm has always been a very open platform diagnostic partner. Will this seismic shift in the industry change Apple's future plans? When Apple rethinks its approach, will we now have more Intel-based Macs? It's hard to say, but few people can predict this move by Nvidia in advance.

Despite these lingering questions about the makeup of today’s technology industry, the main focus of Nvidia’s announcement is not

Arm's huge ecosystem builds a first-class computing company for the era of artificial intelligence, accelerates innovation, and expands to large, high-growth markets. "

" NVIDIA will invest in next-generation artificial intelligence supercomputers, facility training programs for developers, and start-up business incubators, which will attract world-class research talents and contribute to innovation and industry in the fields of healthcare, robotics, and autonomous vehicles. Cooperation to create a platform. "

Haven't I seen Arnold Schwarzenegger's movie? Anyway? Concerns about the development of artificial intelligence, whether it comes from rational, well-researched arguments, or the paranoid delusions of people who have watched too many science fiction movies , There must be a business case for investing in this area. There is no doubt that this is what a female idia is betting here. I must somehow recover that 40 billion US dollars.

Nvidia must have shined recently, with its latest generation of desktops The release of the GPU GeForce 30 series shocked the world, led by the flagship RTX 3090 and mid-range RTX 3080 and RTX. The entry-level 3070. They also updated the impressive DLSS technology to provide AI-based updates with resolutions up to 8k.

There is no doubt that NVIDIA has been looking for smart ways to use the huge profits in recent years to expand its growth opportunities, but this is a big gamble and it will take us several years to see the full impact of this initiative.

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