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Nvidia bundles rainbow six siege with qualifying geforce rtx gpus

NVIDIA has confirmed that it will cancel all announcements scheduled for the upcoming GPU technology conference due to concerns about the coronavirus pandemic.

It is not surprising that we are concerned about the impact of the global crisis. NVIDIA is the latest well-known company to cancel long-term plans to limit the spread of the virus.

The GPU giant is expected to make several key announcements for upcoming products at the conference, and these products have been transformed into digital live events before the demo is cancelled. Nvidia subsequently stated that it would postpone all major announcements to March 24. The latest news confirms that we shouldn't have too many expectations for the GTC or any juicy product announcements on March 24th.

In a statement on the NVIDIA website, CEO Huang Renxun explained, "We have interesting products and news to share with you. But this is not the right time. We will not share our GTC news at the moment. That way. Our employees, partners, media, analysts who follow us, and our customers around the world can focus on staying safe and reducing the spread of the virus. ”

Huang was quick to point out that GTC will still have a large pool of researchers and developers. wonderful content, they put together a wonderful speech. `

He also noted,“ Now is the time to pay attention to our family, friends and community. Our employees work from home. Many hourly workers do not need to work, but all will receive full wages. "

Regarding the news that it has been suspended, there are rumors that NVIDIA is preparing to contact the next-generation CPUs of the next-generation Ampere series at this year’s conference. This is unproven and is related to some hypotheses suspected of teasing, which makes the whole thing very interesting. Speculative.

Either way, we will not hear about NVIDIA's next-generation GPU soon.

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