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The market value of GPU maker NVIDIA surpassed Intel for the first time and has now surpassed the CPU giant to become the largest US chipmaker based on Nasdaq's market value. NVIDIA

reached a milestone on Wednesday, after its share price rose 3.5% to $ 408.64, bringing NVIDIA's market value to $ 251.31 billion. On the other hand, Intel closed at $ 58.61 with a closing price of 0.5%, bringing the chip giant's market value to $ 248.16 billion. In simple terms, these figures show that the market now estimates that Nvidia is worth more than Intel and that the company's stock is more profitable for investors.

NVIDIA's new domain emerged after significant growth last year. Compared to Intel's 2% drop in the past 12 months, the stock price is up 74%. NVIDIA has now won the coveted title of America's largest chipmaker and has become the world's third-largest chipmaker. Although Nvidia is a non-factory company, it does not manufacture its own chips and delegates manufacturing responsibility to semiconductor foundries, namely China and Taiwan. Intel makes its own chips in the United States, China, Ireland and Israel. The

COVID19 pandemic and subsequent crash aided NVIDIA's recent growth as people turn to video games for entertainment and businesses continue to take steps to work remotely. Additionally, with the upcoming release of the highly anticipated GeForce RTX 3000 consumer GPU series, the upcoming Ampere GPU helps support NVIDIA's market share. The enthusiasm of consumers for the next generation of GPUs is very high, which undoubtedly promotes the rise of NVIDIA in the market. The new line will help establish NVIDIA products as the GPU of choice for the builder market and the gaming market. The expansion of

from consumer hardware to enterprise, data centers and artificial intelligence has also fueled NVIDIA's recent impressive performance, mainly due to the powerful 7nm Ampere A100 server GPU from NVIDIA and DGX with impressive A100 server interest. 8 GPU A100, 15 TB PCIe SSD storage, 320 GB HBM2 memory and two AMD EPYC server CPUs.

This represents an impressive adjustment to the wealth of the company. Its stock price spike of $ 281 prior to 2018 is attributed to the cryptocurrency mining boom. Miners flocked to purchase NVIDIA GPUs to enhance their mining capabilities, leading to widespread shortages and price increases. Rapid growth is seen as lightning and unsustainable. Although NVIDIA suffered losses when the cryptocurrency bubble burst, the company has managed to become stronger.

Although Nvidia may have surpassed Intel to become the largest chip manufacturer in the United States, it still lags behind in terms of sales. According to Reuters, Nvidia's revenue this fiscal year is expected to increase by 34% to $14.6 billion. Intel's revenue during the same period is expected to grow by 2.5% to $73.8 billion, which is significantly higher. Nvidia's value may be higher, but Intel continues to lead in increasing sales revenue.

However, the new market value milestone shows that NVIDIA's prospects will continue to grow in the foreseeable future and beyond 2020, which is very confident.

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