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Nvidia announces geforce now support for chromebooks

At CES 2020, many amazing displays were unveiled, including dedicated e-sports displays made by NVIDIA. Designed for e-sports gamers and competitive gamers, this is an impressive feat, even if increasing the refresh rate is not entirely necessary for daily gamers.

Although the maximum frequency of most gaming monitors can reach 240Hz, the new ASUS ROG Swift monitor can increase it to 360Hz. Does this have a significant impact on your game? Well, not really, but there are some benefits. Increasing the resolution in this way means updating the frame every 2.8 milliseconds. Compared to

and 240Hz, you can see the nuances of the graphics, the names of the players in Dota 2 become easier to read, and you have more time to shoot correctly in games like CS: GO, because the graphics appear before the Low refresh rate. The monitor is also equipped with NVIDIA's GSync technology to ensure the best performance.

So why is this so good for esports gamers? Having a higher refresh rate means that gamers will be able to react faster in game because their images are displayed faster than those using 240Hz monitors. This means higher scores, shoot first and win the championship. NVIDIA

actually stated that the display has improved rapid shooting accuracy by 4%. Although this is of little importance for normal gamers, it is of great importance for esports. It easily means the difference between winning and losing.

Looks like an impressive monitor from NVIDIA and ASUS. When it comes to competitive gaming, it can actually be a game changer for gamers. We can't wait to get one at the office and try it out in games like CS: GO to see what's different.

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