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Nvidia announces dlss 2 0 support for death stranding

NVIDIA is expanding the range of its GeForce NOW cloud gaming service to support Chromebook devices. Lightweight Googlevetted laptops are now added to PC, Mac, Shield and Android in the list of supported platforms. NVIDIA

shared the same amount of content in a press release posted on its website, confirming that Chromebook support will launch as a beta version for the first time starting today. NVIDIA stated:

"Millions of GeForce NOW members play or fight with their friends, no matter what platform they're streaming on, whether it's PC, Mac, Android, or now Chromebook.

That's because of when When you use GeForce NOW to stream a game, you are playing the PC version of digital stores such as Steam, Epic Games Store, and Ubisoft Uplay.

This is very useful for developers, who can bring their games to the cloud when they are released without increasing the development cycle.

This is great for millions of GeForce NOW members. Whenever they play one of more than 650 games instantly, they are using the existing ecosystem. This includes more than 70 of the most popular free games. "It is not clear when

plans to officially launch support, but users can load GeForce Now on Chromebooks by visiting the GeForce NOW website here. The wording of the release does not imply a Chromebook compatibility limitation, although the beta format does mean NVIDIA may be monitoring for possible initial issues. NVIDIA said that the game process will run on all devices, just as it has on existing supported platforms.

Like other supported platforms, Chromebook users can choose a free membership or pay cash for Founders premium subscriptions, granting RTX-enabled gameplay, extended session duration, and priority access while waiting in line for the GeForce NOW team. For those planning to use GeForce NOW to join Ubisoft's newest Battle Royale competitor Hyper Scape, there are also special limited-time offers, including 6-month Founders Membership, Hyper Scape Season 1 Battle Pass tokens. and exclusive game content packs. This will cost you $ 24.95 / GBP 24.95.

NVIDIA noted that Chromebook support for the recently released Steam game sync feature is coming soon, which will automatically sync your Steam game library with GeForce NOW. The same goes for the new Highlights video capture tool, Freestyle game customization, and Ansel in-game camera.

With Chromebook support, GeForce NOW has a wealth of platform choices, and iOS is the only platform that is obviously missing. As we all know, Apple’s strict App Store guidelines are difficult to navigate. As we have seen recently, Microsoft cancelled its plan to support Project xCloud on iOS, as well as Epic’s ongoing public discord with Silicon Valley giants. It may take some time for us to see iOS compatibility.

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