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Nvidia ampere rumor ray tracing accessible to everyone

Yesterday, the heel of the dead release heels, NVIDIA announced that DLSS 2.0 technology with the tensioner core and DLSS 2.0 image quality is now available for the latest Hoyo initiatives. In

NVIDIA, DLSS 2.0 allows you to make adjustments with all GPU GeForce RTX when the player exceeds 100 fps with 2560 × 1440. For those looking for the final 4K experience, the frame rate will be reduced to a good 60 fps, while The graphic configurations are sent again to the limits. Naturally, you need a GPU that supports DLSS 2.0. Once you have tempted, you must make the full driver of the preparation of the game drawing of death through the 'driver' tab of GeForce's experience.

NVIDIA has launched short promotion clips by lateral comparisons. The test is on pudding. If you have a RTX GPU, there is no reason for DLSS 2.0 is not activated. The profits are obvious as the day: the highest frame rates, the improved image quality, the acute details, the mild aliases and the clarity promoted.

NVIDIA created several illustrations to show that DLS 2.0's most excited DLS needs death. In the test, NVIDIA operates up to 90% in DLSS 2.0 quality mode and up to 90% in performance mode DLSS 2.0 and GeForce RTX 2060.

Intel I9900K CPU and 32 GB of Maceous RAM Configuration with 3840x2160 with MACED SETTINGS DLSS 2.0, RTX 2080 Ti and RTX 2080 supermarkets Elevated Framerates with 40 FPS. The frame rate increased by more than 30 fps for the rest of the RTX alignment (RTX 2070 Super, RTX 2060 Super and RTX 2060).

Nvidia offers a description of Blaymanfriend for an overview of DLSS 2.0 AI Sorcery Works. If diving is infiligible in technical details, there will be more.

"A special AI network type, called automatic convolution encoder, to determine how high-resolution high-resolution current frames and frames are determined and you want to generate high-quality pixelboxel current frames. During the training process

, the output image is compared for the 16K reference image of ultra high quality, the difference, the difference returns to the network, tracks the result and improves the results, this process is repeated several times in the supercomputer until The network reliably emits high resolution images. Once you have been trained to the network

, NGX provides an AI model through GeForce RTX PC or controllers enabled for OTA games and updates. By providing a Turing Tensor core with a terral flop with a dedicated AI power, DLSS networks can be executed in real time simultaneously with intensive 3D games.

DLSS 2.0 DLSS 2.0 is also available to play games through NVIDIA GeForce. Subscription of Finders Premium is required to access the NVIDIA RTXENABLAPE server, but $ 4.99 / 4.99 in the month, which is a small price to pay possible experience.

Finally, NVIDIA announced that the newly purchased GeForce RTX GPU is included in the edition of the death edition with the selected retailer. The offer will be executed until July 29.

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