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Nvidia ampere nvcache load times vram usage

With the highly anticipated launch of NVIDIA’s new Ampere GeForce RTX 3000 series gaming GPUs, a new offline board design certification submitted to the National Radio Research Institute of South Korea today means that the gaming giant’s GPU is finishing work on the GPU. Card.

certification refers to the design of the circuit board designated as PG133A. This name has been seen many times because of previous leaks. The PCB for GA102 GPU has been specifically designated. It is expected that it will have various ampere variants. Although memory capacity varies and power level. In particular, it is said that the PG133A PCB is included in the Founders Edition GeForce RTX 3080 and 3090 GPUs, including previously discovered leaky designs with novel cooling solutions.

Regarding the details of the certification request, NVIDIA Corporation submitted and classified it as a PCIe graphics card manufactured in China. This type of certification usually represents one of the last steps before the manufacturer puts the product on the market, which means that the release of Ampere is very close.

In fact, NVIDIA's final "21 days and 21 years" countdown will end on August 31, and the company is expected to launch Ampere gaming GPUs and then fully launch and hit the market sometime next. month. This new request for certification certainly supports the speculation that this is indeed the case.

NVIDIA is still silent about the exact results the countdown will lead to, providing a suitably vague marketing slogan that reads:

"21 days. 21 years. Before we go into the future, celebrate with us PC since 1999 greatest advance in the field of play. And what will happen next. "

As for the earthquake preview that proved such a lengthy trailer (and the explosion of the cosmic scale used to start the countdown), Ampere topped the list. If NVIDIA showed more than just its next one, we would be surprised by the minority. Game use GPU.

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