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Nvidia ampere gpu specs

Rumors about NVIDIA's upcoming Ampere graphics card series are gaining momentum with the latest next-gen GPU release due next year. According to Igor's Lab, a relatively reliable source of industry nuggets, Ampere will usher in the first half of 2020. The Ampere

GPU is expected to use Samsung's 7nm node technology, which will provide significantly better performance than NVIDIA's Turing-based GPU. The latest

news confirmed previous Digitimes rumors. Digitimes also set the release window sometime next year. NVIDIA chose Samsung's 7nm EUV process.

Furthermore, judging by NVIDIA's publishing habits, it is likely to become a competitor in 2020. As we all know, the GPU giant insists on a two-year gap between the two generations. The GTX 10 series was launched in 2016, followed by the RTX series in 2018. The launch of the

Ampere GPU will also become a competitor to AMD's RX 5900 card, which is expected to be available next year. By launching Ampere, NVIDIA will have a generational advantage over AMD. AMD can only catch up with the RTX series through the Navibased RX 5900.

After reports that counterfeiting manufactured by TSMC is struggling, the leap in using Samsung node technology also makes sense to launch enough 7nm nodes to meet demand. As other customers (such as Apple) demand for technology, the The demand for series products will increase. The manufacturing cost of the 7nm Samsung EUV chip is also cheaper than similar products from TSMC. From the perspective of production cost, this makes sense for NVIDIA.

As always, there is a degree of skepticism about these rumors, but continued leaks that match the details indicate that we may be on the right track. Don't take any of these for granted, however, until we hear directly from NVIDIA.

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