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Nvidia ampere gpu gtc 2020

We are all impressed by the development of next-gen game consoles, but what about those who play on PC? Nvidia is expected to announce the details of its upcoming Ampere GPU architecture at GTC this year, and we can start rebuilding its performance.

Like many events this year, GTC is in trouble due to the COVID19 crisis. The event was originally scheduled for May 14, but was later changed to an online event to showcase the latest Nvidia technology.

In the past, GTC has always been an event for developers and technologists rather than gaming crowds. Although we expect to see some impressive hardware displays, it may end up in data centers instead of our home PCs.

This is not to say that no useful information will be shared. The architecture developed by Nvidia will cover all its graphics cards. This means that the Ampere architecture should give us a good idea of what to expect in the next GeForce lineup.

According to some sources, Ampere can provide up to 50% performance improvement compared to what we have seen in the Turing architecture. This will put it ahead of the current GeForce RTX 2000 series of graphics cards. These GPUs may provide higher performance at higher resolutions and improvements to already impressive ray tracing software.

Whether we will only see these improvements in high-end models remains to be seen. For example, a good solution is to provide a mid-range graphics card with the same level of performance as we currently see in the Nvidia RTX 2060 Ti. This is not only good for consumers, but also helps mid-range PCs reach the same standards as next-generation game consoles.

However, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X seem to be quite impressive game consoles, and Nvidia's Ampere graphics card should be a big step forward. We hope that the best graphics cards from Amere will bring some special things, such as 8K games or improvements in ray tracing will be good news.

Are you excited about the news from Ampere? Can you see that your next update is coming from the 3000 series? Let us know in the comment section.

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