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Nvidia ampere gpu faster than turing

In the past year, we have been hearing news and leaks about the upcoming Ampere GPU. Although previous leaks indicate that the release date of these GPUs is approximately March 2020, recent comments by the CEO of Nvidia attempt to conclusively confirm this. We wait.

We rarely see Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang these days, but at the recent quarterly earnings meeting, he took the time to personally invite everyone to participate in the GTC 2020 event in San Jose. Most importantly, he ended his invitation with a small preview of the new "You Will Not Be Disappointed".

This should mean that we will see some new versions of Nvidia at GTC, or even just reliable information or upcoming news.

Although we heard that Nvidia's Ampere GPU passed its EEC certification before, we have rarely heard of it since. We know that Ampere will definitely be updated and (we hope) to see it in March.

Since NVIDIA is still improving its RTX performance, we are likely to see these improvements in the new GPU, especially in ray tracing. Currently, as long as the workload is generally light, Turing GPUs can handle ray tracing at 1080p and 30 FPS. The new Ampere

GPU will also be based on Samsung's 7nm EUV process, which will improve performance and energy efficiency. This means that Nvidia is moving away from TSMC for unknown reasons. This may be due to the best financial quote provided by Samsung, or even the better performance of Samsung's 7nm technology.

As TSMC currently supplies companies such as Apple and AMD, the switch to Samsung may be due solely to capacity reasons. This new version will likely require a large number of drives, and if TSMC produces at full capacity these drives may be delayed.

While waiting for GTC 2020, we will definitely pay close attention to more news about the upcoming Nvidia Ampere GPU. However, we may hear some news during this event, so be sure to check back here. renew. We will release them as soon as possible.

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